3 Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Damaging Your Home While You Are Away


Although your dog grows, does it harm everything while you are still away? In this article, we give you a few tips to avoid damaging your dog while you are away.


Reasons for Dogs Damaging Goods When Left Alone


Dogs do not like to be alone in their structure. Because they are herd animals. However, their families have to go out during the day due to their responsibilities.


So, why do dogs damage items when they are left alone at home? This is usually because they are bored alone and cannot exercise enough.


In addition, your dog may be stressed or anxious in your absence, which can lead to such behavior.


So, how can you prevent your dog from biting, gnawing and scratching things in your house? Or tearing down every page of your daily newspaper or ruining your new shoe?


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We will now share with you a few tips you can apply to other dogs, except for dogs that have a serious separation concern (in which case you should get support from an animal behavior specialist). With these tips you can prevent your dog from damaging your home while you are away.


Boredom, worry and inability to move enough are the main reasons for this behavior of dogs. Here are some tips to prevent your dog from damaging the house.


1. Play or Take a Walk with Your Dog Before Leaving Home


Sometimes the intensity of our daily routine causes us to disrupt things. But, as you know, there are responsibilities of having a pet. Therefore, you should also include a long walk with your dog before leaving home in your daily routine .


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You can do your daily exercise at this time. Play a ball catch game with your dog, or do a similar activity.


But if neither you nor other family members have time to walk your dog, you can ask a relative or friend for help. Or, if your budget is sufficient, you can ask a trusted person to walk your dog for money .


The aim here is to comfort and exhaust your four-legged friend so as not to damage your home. He probably falls asleep when he gets home and doesn’t notice your absence.


2. Give your dog a few toys to choose from


As soon as your dog wakes up from his sleep, put him in a place where he can reach a few toys that can attract his attention and have fun.


Interactive toys can be a good option. For example, toys that give food as a reward…


Note that some dogs are favorite toys, while some dogs decide by choosing among the toys. Therefore, pay attention to the toys that interest your dog and try to offer alternatives if necessary.


3. Train your dog with strict rules


The training of your pet (such as the education of your children) is essential to living together at home . Give this training with patience and love, but be careful not to spoil your dog. And never treat him as human. He’s a pet.


You can prevent your dog from damaging the house while you are away if you follow these recommendations:



  • Teach your dog to bite his toys, not the household items.

  • Create strict rules for items that should not be touched. If you give your dog something to play with, such as shoes and clothes, do not complain if your dog tears when you buy new ones. Dogs can’t separate these things.

  • Do not change the game rules. “No dır should always remain“ no ”. And, all family members must adhere to this rule. Because if you say “no e to something your spouse or child says“ yes ğin, the dog gets confused. The animal does not know how to behave against different orders.


Another method to prevent your dog from damaging the house


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Bringing a playmate to your dog can be a long-term solution.


Adopting a second pet may not be an easy decision. And, for a long time, you’re worried about whether two pets can get along.


However, unless there are disagreements, most likely, at some point your dog will have a great time with his new friend. And he’il stop hurting the house in a very short time.









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