4 Care Tips For Wrinkled Dogs


Wrinkled dogs are certainly valuable. You can learn about these species in our articles published in My Animals. For example, Shar Pei is the most valuable of the wrinkled dog species. However, this beauty comes with extra responsibilities to keep them healthy. So today, we’re going to present you with 4 care tips for wrinkled dogs.


Why is dealing with wrinkled dogs different from other dogs?


Wrinkled dogs are magnificent, impossible to deny. However, having such an interesting skin brings along problems that are not common to other dogs. Here are some of them:



  • Infections. Because they have too much skin, worms, skin allergies, or cause a lot of problems, such as mucin, a slimy substance.

  • Eye problems. Since they were born, their skin covers most of the eye area, which can cause irritation and even temporary or permanent vision problems.

  • Wrinkles is the breeding ground for scabies . Even if there is a parasite living under the scabies skin, they try to find the humid and fleshy areas in which they can wander. That’s why these dogs have perfect skin for scabies.

  • Fat people. These wrinkled friends tend to gain weight easily. Because their extra skin keeps them warm, their metabolism does not have to work very quickly. It may also be difficult to determine if your dog is gaining weight because of the excessively wrinkled skin.

  • Because of this metabolic problem, stomach problems may also occur if a balanced diet is not followed .

  • Most wrinkled dogs have a carpal joint that is different from other dogs. This difference may cause them to lose their balance and fall forward while walking .

  • Problems with the anus. Because wrinkles cover most of their bodies (especially puppies), hygiene of sensitive areas such as the anus can be forgotten. Poor hygiene in such areas can lead to any infection.


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The most important aspects of care for wrinkled dogs


There are some advice you can do to prevent your dog from having any of the above problems, and at the same time help your wrinkled friend lead a long, happy and healthy life.

 Clean the wrinkles


It is absolutely necessary to remove wrinkles from your dog. Every two days, depending on how often your dog goes out and interacts with other dogs, you can simply clean the wrinkles with baby wipes or something specially made for them.


This will help you to remove dust, dirt or other substances that may be a problem in the future. You should also remove the skin around the eyes for a few seconds so that it does not cause irritation and obstruct vision .

 Of course, you should pay special attention to sensitive areas such as the ears, anus and genital area.

Inspect your dog from head to toe


This may be an obvious thing, but the greatest thing when caring for wrinkled dogs is to find fleas and other parasites [194590022]. Wrinkles are perfect breeding sites for these little creatures, and if you’re not looking carefully, you won’t see what’s under the wrinkles. So make sure your dog doesn’t have intruders on their skin.


buruşuk köpek


Remember: When you remove wrinkles with a cloth or other product, you must remove them until the bottom of the wrinkled areas is dry. If you do not, this moisture can cause irritation.

 Provide them with a balanced diet

High quality dog food contains the nutrients necessary for your dog to stay healthy and maintain proper weight. You can also buy special foods for wrinkled dogs to prevent stomach problems.

 Destroy the wolves

Getting rid of the wolves is important for all dogs, but because of the delicate stomachs of wrinkled dogs, it is more important for them. Therefore, you must follow all the necessary steps to prevent your dog from getting rid of the wolves and avoiding any worse problems.


Obtaining a pet requires great responsibility. However, when your dog’s breed is so sensitive, you need to make even more effort to ensure that it is happy and healthy.









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