4 Rules to Follow for a Better Walk with Your Dog


Taking a walk is the activity that a dog most desires to do during the day. This is the time for your dog to have fun and socialize with friends. If you want to have perfect walks with your dog , keep reading because we’ll talk about 4 different things you can do for a better walk with your dog.


What does high-quality walking mean?


A high quality walk is very important for a dog. Such a walk allows to enjoy being outside, to move in peace, to interact with other dogs and to smell many different .


It is one of those rare moments in which he can feel comfortable during the day. Therefore, a high-quality walk is important to keep your dog happy and balanced. If your dog’s walks don’t go well, he’s afraid to go out or may have bad experiences when he gets out; this causes other problems to occur.


In addition to improving walks with your dog, a high-quality walk allows your dog to enjoy all the smells that he smells. In addition, for a quality walk, in some places you have to take your dog off the leash and let him explore the surroundings comfortably.


1. Stop pulling the collar


In order to make your dog happy and comfortable during your walks, you must stop pulling the collar, at the same time your dog should not pull the collar. When you’re out, the leash is something that connects you to your pet and transmits many emotions: anger, rush, stress, or, on the contrary, confidence and relaxation.


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You should not use leashes that can be extended because they are constantly stretched. Instead, you should opt for a normal leash and take care when using it: Do you pull the collar to stop your dog while walking? You should teach your dog how to behave on walks so that you can take better walking.


Many dogs with a collar have serious health problems caused by the continuous pulling of their collar. Choose a leash that is good for both you and your dog, there are many kinds of leash to ease the pressure on your dog’s neck.


2. Select a longer leash


Almost all of the dogs that we see on the street are short on leashes: such leashes restrict the movement of the dog, causing it to pull on the leash. It may sound different, but A 2-meter leash allows you to control your dog better than a half-meter leash.


If there is more room for your dog to move around while walking, it will pull the collar less. And so it will disturb you less on walks. Thanks to a long leash, you don’t have to tug or move to move from one smell to another . It is good for you and your dog to use a leash that is at least one and a half meters long; you will see the difference and how comfortable you are.


3.Leave it free


A free walk is good for your dog, let your dog out of the house and follow him. Let him decide where he will go and how long he will stop there. Let him smell what he wants.


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In a free march, there is no rush and no rule. The dog can do whatever he wants. Maybe he wants to walk the usual route or get to the park early. On some days, you may also want to explore a new street .


Previously, only a dog who had followed the orders of the owner may be surprised at first and may not know where to go. Reassure him and let him take the first step. This is a very easy way to improve your walks with your dog. You will be very surprised to see places that interest your dog.


4. Be cautious against unwanted situations


Keep your pets from unpleasant situations. Be one step ahead of him. You are the one who knows your dog best, you know what he likes and dislikes. You know your fears and the times he feels bad. Therefore, stay away from things your dog doesn’t like, and exposing him to things he doesn’t like has no positive consequences.


For example, if your dog is afraid of garbage trucks, change your route when you see a garbage truck coming towards you. Or if your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs he’s seen on the street, cross the road to avoid crossing the same sidewalk when you see another dog.


In this way, you destroy the source of your dog’s fears. Keep your dog away from his worries, so that he realizes that his worries are not a threat to him; Their fears will not disappear completely, but they will lighten. As long as you avoid these problems, you will see that your walking with your dog becomes much better.


Improving walks with our dogs depends entirely on the details. Although they may seem like little things for us, they are very important things for dogs. If we apply the above-mentioned changes in our walks, we will save our pet from great stress. We let him decide how he wants to spend his spare time. In this way, we make sure that our pets spend their free time making walks with really good quality.









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