5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Coming When You Call


Despite all your efforts for training your dog , he may not obey when you call him. This usually happens outside your home and you have less control over your dog. So don’t feel bad, there’s always a solution. When you call your dog come with the command to come to you have some suggestions.


Here are some tips to keep your dog with you when you call


köpeğinizi çağırmak


Positive conditioning is always the best training method for dogs. The gel command is a great way to teach basic things. However, keep in mind that your dog may not occasionally come, at least not immediately. Therefore, consider the following tips:


1- The act of invocation must be associated with something positive


If your dog associates the invocation with the end of the walk or medication, he probably won’t come. Therefore, you must make sure that the invocation action is associated with situations that it would like, for example:


So, when you’re in the park, just don’t call him when it’s time to go home. Call him at different times and give him a reward when he arrives. Then let him explore the area again or continue playing.


Don’t worry if your dog still doesn’t follow the commands after a series of training. Here are some tips to keep your dog coming when you call.


2- Do not call your dog if you think you will not come


Keep an eye on what your dog is doing before calling him. If his activity is more interesting than his response to your call, wait for a more ideal moment to call him.


If your dog enjoys playing with other dogs , rolling in places or will not show any interest in will show no interest to you. So wait for him to calm down or finish what he’s done before he gets his attention.


3- If the moment you call does not come immediately, do not be angry with your pet


If your pet does not come immediately, do not get angry or punish him. Give him a reward when he finally arrives. Although he took your time, he finally listened to you.


On the other hand, if you scold him, the only thing you will get is to make him associate the act of calling with something negative and he will stop listening. The best thing to do is to be happy to welcome you, just like when he was welcoming you. So, even for just a few minutes, you have to make him see how happy you are with you.


4- Do not call your dog in an angry tone


Never warn your pet of any danger to keep your calm and never use an angry tone . For example, when you are too far away from you or about to cross the road . Even if you panic , always call him with a friendly tone . If your dog thinks you’re angry or angry, he’s probably going to get scared and go further.


Also, don’t run after him, because he may run farther . Instead, if you run in the opposite direction, you may start chasing.


5- Always use the same command to call your dog


köpek eğitimi gel komutu



Finally, always use the same command to call your dog . “Come” or gel come here ”is often the most recommended. However, there are other options that may be useful.


The important thing is not to confuse your four-legged friend. If you use different words every time you call him, he may not understand what you want. Maybe that would explain why you didn’t come.









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