6 Methods to Stop Barking Your Dog


Dogs bark to warn us about a possible danger or to express their love and happiness. However, there are times when barking becomes inappropriate. Here are some tips to stop your dog from barking.


Tips to stop your dog barking


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First of all, remember that a dog’s bark is very normal, because that’s how he communicates. However, as a team leader, it is true that you must control your dog’s barking to avoid trouble.

 Some dog breeds bark more than others. It also depends on how long you can withstand noise. To stop your dog from barking, you can follow these recommendations:
 1. Correct the behavior

Find a way to stop it when your dog barks too much. This can be a glance, a specific voice (eg ü no ”) or a physical contact (gently touch). Once your dog has understood the sign to stop barking, everything will be much easier for you.


However, remember that it can only stop for a few minutes and then continue to ”sing”. This is because his brain is still perceiving things incorrectly. Do not give up after the first attempt. And remember, it takes patience and repetition many times for domestic animals to gain a habit .


2. Stop the barking


If your dog is barking for attention, you should act accordingly. If there is no time for barking or barking while talking on the phone or watching television , you should stop barking.


Another technique is to ignore it if it barks just for attention. He’il probably get bored and stop barking after a while. If you do what you want, your dog will think that barking works to get something and does it every day.


3. Calm him down


Both you and your dog need to remain calm for training to be beneficial. It’il make everything worse if his barking touches your nerves. You lose the ability to correct your animal’s behavioral problems. Also, remember that animals take on the mood of their owners.


So, if you are angry, he will be angry. If you are calm and strict, your dog will obey your orders. Take a deep breath before rebuking her.


4. Take the control


Please note that you are the leader of the team. If the dog is barking at a particular object, situation or person , approach him to show who is the leader. Show that you own the object. So the animal will realize that he has nothing to worry about.


Use your body and manners to build an invisible wall that your pet can’t cross. You’ll be amazed by the effect this has on your pet.


5. Direct your energy elsewhere


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Barking is one of the ways in which a dog can spend its accumulated energy. So, isn’t playing games or exercising the best way to spend all of this energy? Then take him for a walk every day. Even if it’s just across the street. Play a game of throwing a ball or toy . Do everything you can to burn all of this excess energy.


6. Get professional help


If you can’t stop your dog barking, there’s nothing wrong with getting professional support. A veterinarian or an instructor may be the only thing you need. Bad behavior of the animal should end as soon as possible.









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