6 Mistakes in Dog Training


Educating your dog and teaching him something is one of the most important issues. Because if you don’t train your dog correctly, it can cause some problems later. Therefore, in this article, we want to share with you the six mistakes that people make in dog training and how you can avoid them.


Asking for So-called Expert People to Help


When you bring an animal to your home for the first time, and especially if it is your first pet, you may be in a bit of a panic, and you can run to anyone you think knows more about the animals to ask for help. This person may be a friend who has read some books about animals, or even a neighbor who always has a dog and even sits on the fifth floor claiming to know everything about dogs.


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Forget all this. Because the best thing you can do about this is to go to a vet . Veterinarians will tell you how healthy your dog is and advise you on errors in dog training . They can also advise you on some professional instructors.


Strangling Your Dog Too Much and Strangling It Using Some Words


One of the most common mistakes people make in puppy training is to treat puppies as if they were a baby from the moment they came home. The constant hugging, loving, and talking to them as if they were babies strangles them.


It would be best if you let them explore their new environment. Your home is a new place for them and there are countless places to smell, lots of different smells, new flavors and other people! Everything is very new to them, so let the animals discover them all.


Getting Started Training Your Dog Late


You must allow your dog to get used to the home, the environment and your family; but do not delay their training! Some people say that dogs have not learned anything in the first six months. However, dogs actually learn from the moment they are born and never stop . It is a big mistake not to start training dogs from an early age, and patience and determination play a key role in correctly training dogs.


Punishing Your Mistakes


Our famous proverbs sometimes tell the truth: “Sweet tongue brings the serpent out of its hole. Cez Punishing your dog will not make him learn better, and this is one of the biggest mistakes when training dogs. This is a much less effective method than positive reinforcement and can lead to situations such as fear and detachment from the owner .


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When your dog is peeing in the house, it would make more sense to give him a reward when he pee outside, instead of hitting him with a folded newspaper. This way you can achieve much more.


Do Not Warn When Your Dog Biting You


There is a common belief that dogs “play by biting”. Because dogs have teeth and use them when playing games, just like their legs and tails. However, a very common mistake made is that when dogs bite they do nothing about it and watch them take steps towards adulthood.


This is one of the few situations in which punishment makes sense. However, you should never hit or shout at your dog . Or in other words, you should not abuse them.


If they bite you while playing with them (which is very common) you should stop playing and show your dog that you are hurting . For example, when puppies play with each other, if one dog bites the other dog harder than it should, the bitten dog will make slight moans and stop playing.


Acting Too Hard or Too Soft


We all know that maintaining the right balance can be very difficult, and many animal owners may be either overly tolerant or too harsh on their dog. Therefore, try not to treat your pet as a subject and not to give in too easily. As Aristotales put it, “Virtue is the Golden Ratio between the two extremes.” We hope you found this article useful about dog training errors.









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