6 Most Common Sleep Positions for Dogs


Animals have a body structure that helps them to sleep and rest in many different positions . Although it is true that they tend to develop different habits and behaviors as they age, there are many common sleeping positions for dogs . In this article, we will talk about six of these positions.


Puppies suckling milk sleep together. That’s what they do to maintain their body temperature. A little larger puppies will lie on your back. Or they can sleep in other funny positions.


As dogs age , they become more practical. Moods, wakefulness levels and environmental conditions will affect the animal’s sleep positions.


A healthy dog ​​will use his body in a more versatile manner as time goes on. It will adopt many sleeping positions. Many of these positions that your dog prefers are necessary for survival and welfare.

 The importance of resting dogs


Because of the genes they inherit from wolves, dogs often sleep several times a day. Puppies can sleep for up to 20 hours per day , while an adult dog usually sleeps for up to 13 hours . Old dogs, however, sleep much like puppies.

 Adult dogs usually sleep about eight hours at night and take a lot of nap during the day. When dogs fall asleep, they experience the REM stage just like humans do.

köpekler için en sağlıklı uyku pozisyonu


It is important that dogs have their own space to sleep and that this space is comfortable . You must also consider changes in weather conditions to prevent damage to your pet from extreme temperatures .

 Dogs, the best friend of man, are social animals. Dogs don’t like being alone, so they call their owners when it’s time to go to sleep or nap.

Obedience training for pets and especially dogs is basically about teaching them to assume certain physical positions. For example, the first commands a dog learns is to sit and lie down. When a dog learns them, you can continue teaching more complex commands.


In this article we discuss six common sleeping positions among dogs. There are dozens of other positions, but we will look at the sleeping positions you will encounter most.


6 most preferred sleeping positions for dogs


Sitting to sleep


In the classic sitting position, the front legs of the dog lie in front of the body and the rear legs are bent. In this way, the animal’s perineum back and coxal bone rest on the ground.

 A variation of this is the position in which the rear legs of the dog are more flexible and better supported. This makes it easier for them to stand up immediately.

oturarak uyuyan labrador


Lying on the sternum


A dog lying on the sternum has a certain level of alertness. In this position, the elbows and sternum of the animal rest on the ground. A sleeping dog in this position may raise his head and neck or put his nose on the ground. It is a perfect position for dogs who want to take a nap but on the other hand be alert.


sevimli köpek


There is also a variation where the dog’s legs lie completely on the ground, ie the animal sleeps on his stomach. Sometimes dogs adopt this position to cool off, but they are more common in puppies.


Lying on the side


This is one of the most typical sleeping positions for dogs . The animal can lie on both sides. This position will help the animals to rest their entire body, allowing them to fall asleep completely. This is probably one of the main locations where your dog enters REM sleep.


yatakta uyuyan köpek


Lying sideways on the sternum


In this position, the front legs and sternum of the dog are extended to the ground. However, the hind legs rest on the lateral femur. This allows dogs to rest while they remain awake.


köpeklerde en yaygın uyku pozisyonu


Lying on your back


If a dog is spreading his legs and lying on his back with his belly open, he probably does it to cool off. This position is more common in puppy dogs than in adults.


köpekler için yaygın altı uyku pozisyonu


Rolling to sleep


Dogs in this position tend to fall asleep easily. Therefore, it is easier to dive into REM sleep. By “rolling to sleep erken we mean the position where a dog curls up like a small ball and brings his hind legs to his chin.


yuvarlanarak uyuyan köpek


To do this, they have to bend their spines until their noses almost touch their tails. This allows them to maintain the body temperature necessary for good rest.


Although there are many other sleeping positions preferred by dogs, these are the most popular ones. But similar to humans, all dogs have their own personalities, which can affect their sleeping positions.


However, it is absolutely possible to train your dog to move to these positions when you command it. If you are not sure whether you are ready for this challenge, you can ask a professional instructor to help you.








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