6 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby to Join Your Family


In most homes, dogs are treated as human . Thousands of couples regard their pets as children. So, how do you prepare your dog for your newborn? In this article, we will give you some tips to help you.


A change for everyone: the arrival of a newborn baby


Parents know that even before the birth of a baby, the whole family will be changed. The arrival of a new baby may also affect your pet’s behavior. Especially if he feels the baby is taking his place and is no longer the center of attention.


This problem your pet may experience does not have to result in you leaving it. Therefore, you must prepare your dog for the arrival of your newborn baby . Here are some tips to help you:


1. Do not change the daily routine


hamile kadın ve köpek


It is true that a newborn baby changes the daily routine and schedule at home. However, your dog should continue to eat, walk and sleep as usual . You can barely change this routine, but it is not good to change your dog’s schedule suddenly. For example, if you always take your dog for a walk at 8 am , you should not change this order and take him for a walk in the evening.


2. Let him get used to the sound and smell of the baby


Strangely, dogs do not know how babies make sounds. You can let your dog listen to the sound recording or video of a baby crying, laughing or making sounds, so the dog won’t be surprised when the real baby comes.


When it comes to smell, you should know that dogs do not recognize the smell of a newborn baby. For this reason, your dog, your baby will use cream and other products will be good to smell in advance.


3. Let your baby see and smell his stuff


Animals are very curious and want to smell them immediately when you bring new things home. If you don’t let him smell things like the crib, clothes, changing table you bought for your newborn baby, he will think you did something bad, even punishing him for not stealing something because he stole something.


It is also important that the dog knows that if the parents are arranging a room for the new baby, the dog cannot enter it. Although the baby is not yet born, the dog must understand it in advance.


5. Show him the same interest


If your dog has been the center of attention so far, you cannot take that honor away from him the next day. Dogs notice when we don’t pay much attention to them. Don’t forget to play games, talk to him and show interest in him. It takes only 5 minutes per day to show him the attention he needs. You can spend a few minutes with your dog while your baby is sleeping.


6. Introduce your baby to him


When you come out of the hospital and come home, let your dog greet you as if nothing happened first. Then, slowly introduce your baby to your pet so that the baby and the dog are not afraid. Slowly bring the baby closer to your dog and let him smell it. Doing so is not bad for your baby. You can still consult a pediatrician.


7. Put limits on him


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The fact that the little human brother is coming home cannot be an excuse for our dog to do anything. If you don’t want your dog to enter the baby’s room or bark and make a lot of noise while you’re sleeping, you’ll have to have strict rules . Keep in mind that if your animal has followed your rules to this day, you must follow. Be careful not to yell at him or threaten him, or the poor animal will think that the new baby is excluded from the herd with the arrival of the new baby.


Three months after your baby is born, your dog may have more contact with the baby. They may even have an adventurous friendship and follow one another everywhere. Don’t be afraid when they spend time together and play. Enjoy living at home as if you were a babysitter.









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