7 Types of Leash and Usage


When you take your dog for a walk to a beautiful park, you make sure that it is as close to you as possible. Therefore, to avoid accidents or incidents, you should put your dog on a leash.


Apart from the training he received, it is difficult to predict animals. That’s why you can learn different dog collars and find the collar that suits your dog’s needs.


Different Dog Collars


Many pet stores offer a variety of dog collars and straps in different colors and sizes. Leashes, straps, body collars, mouthpieces, what are they!


However, it is important to choose the best of these options. To do this, you need to consider your dog’s personality and habits . You may have trouble finding the most suitable leash from so many options.


Before you begin you should know that the leashes are more than accessories. They perform important functions such as keeping your dog close to you, controlling it during walks, training or protecting them from a possible danger.

 1. Traditional leashes

The most common form of leash. This leash can be made of many different materials. If your dog pulls you when you go for walks this leash is for you!


yürüyüşe çıkan köpek ve sahibi


Traditional leashes are made of nylon, ideal for small breeds. The strap can be attached to the collar or attached directly to the animal. Nylon straps give your dog ideal freedom and give you the opportunity to keep control.


However, there are also straps made of leather. It is very comfortable to use in large breeds as it gives you a pleasant feeling and looks elegant as well as you can easily control your dog .


2. Barbed leashes


It is not common to see such leashes in dogs because it is seen as cruelty. However, this leash was once “fashion için because it provided effective control in dogs.


zincirli tasma takan köpek


At first, the material of these leashes was very effective because it disturbed the animal. However, as the animals wearing this collar started to behave in the opposite way, the trainers stopped using it.


3. Extending leash


Also known as i Flexi tas, these leashes are ideal for dogs that keep their distance from their owners as they extend according to the movement of the dog. Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs who are too curious and mobile to stay with their owners for a long time .


uzayan tasması olan köpek


However, this collar has one disadvantage. Animals do not learn to behave properly during walking because this leash provides too much auto control to some breeds such as Labrador Retriever . Likewise, if you want to wear leashes that extend to a large race, you should keep the strap short.


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4. Chain leash


This type of collar has a place to hold and a nylon collar. The rest consists of chains. Such leashes can be used in puppies that tend to bite or chew everything they do not like .


zincir tasmalı üzgün köpek


They are ideal for puppies as they prefer to walk at the foot of their owners rather than wearing a chain leash.


5. Strangulation training collar


Although the name is cruel, such leashes are very effective educational tools . However, in order to use such collars , you must take your dog’s training very seriously.


boğazı sıkan tasma


Most trainers use these collars that tighten the throat during training, but using them for non-training purposes can harm animals.


6. Multi-purpose leash


sahibine bakan tasmalı köpek


It is one of the best options because multi-purpose leashes have rings of different sizes. With this leash you can also keep your dog close to you or give him some free space.


However, before releasing your dog you need to make sure that there are no leashes around and that the area is safe.


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7. Expert training collar


ağzı kapalı olan golden


Last but not least, the expert training collar teaches dogs not to hang on the collar. If it is difficult to control your pet, a specialist training collar is a good option. This leash surrounds the dog’s head and nose (like a head harness worn on horses) and harms the animal when pulled.









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