A Great Dog: German Shepherd Training


The German Shepherd is one of the most desired breeds as pets. The personality, intelligence and learning skills of these dogs make it easier to care and train. Are you thinking of owning? If so, you can learn everything you need to know about the German Shepherd in this article.


Recommendations for German Shepherd Training


German Wolves are noble and easy to train; dimensions and strengths should therefore be trained in the early ages so that they do not try to assume the role of alpha dog.


Teach to follow your directives


This step is one of the most basic steps in the training of all breed dogs. In our other writings, we have repeatedly stated that dogs should have a leader . If they feel that they are not a leader, they take over and see their owners down.


To see the role of the dog in the family it is necessary to balance discipline and love. It is not enough to see you as a leader; he should also know that other members of the family should obey .


To achieve this, all members of the family must comply with the rules you put in the dog , , otherwise your dog may be confused. One way you can get a dog to accept his role is not to let him walk ahead of you as you enter the door. After that, you should eat, go to bed and rest and have your own place and go out at certain times a day.




Large dogs need more exercise than others . In particular, the German Shepherd must channel its energy to avoid boredom. If this dog does not exercise enough, it may become aggressive and malicious.


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Exercise increases blood pumping in the dog, strengthens muscles and joints, and maintains the strength of bones.



If you want a friendly dog ​​that can live with people and other animals, it is very important that your dog socialize with other dogs. Dogs of this breed have a very confident character, in which case they can treat themselves aggressively because they can see themselves as superior.


When you notice the slightest sign of aggression, such as biting in your dog, you should take action, knowing that it can become an antisocial and difficult to cope dog .


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 Be stable and stable

German Wolves are very intelligent we say, but this does not mean that they can learn 10 commands at the same time. The training of the German Shepherd is a subject that must be considered carefully; Imagine what you would like it to do, how and when.


Don’t change your commands and routine too often, or your dog will get confused and learn nothing. Even worse, he may not listen.

 Use positive reinforcement

Dogs of this breed are ideal for teaching commands such as “sit”, “grab”, “let go”, “lie”, “roll”, “give off ini or getir bring shoes”. However, although they are very intelligent German wolf training requires time and patience, of course. Never shout at them and never hit them. It just scares them.


Instead, reward when they do something right and don’t focus on the times they did it wrong. Positive reinforcement always works.


As you can see, the German Shepherd is not a difficult dog to train. If you do, know that this wonderful dog will surprise you every day and you will have a special friend to share your life with.








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