Adding a Dog to the Family


Bringing a dog to the family is an exciting situation for every member of the family. But you should not show much excitement and stay calm. The process of joining a new member requires much effort, patience, supervision, and most importantly, lots of love and affection .


If you are adopting a puppy, make sure that the dog does not leave his mother before 6 weeks . The first 6 weeks are a period when the dog is extremely sensitive and needs his mother for his emotional development . During this period, the puppy’s occasional contact with people makes it easier to get used to.


Then you must socialize the pup with other dogs, animals and humans. Dogs only get used to living without their mothers and siblings.


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Adding a dog to the family will be much easier if you set some rules. Decide where to sleep, go to the toilet, eat, play, and when to eat.


Be at the beginning


If there are other animals in the house, you should observe their behavior while next to each other. Make sure that a good relationship is established between them . You can set certain call times if they are both young. So they can communicate and play without hurting.


The first moments of encounter of newly owned and pre-existing animals will also affect future relationships. Keep in mind that until that minute, your previous dog was in the center of all attention .


Practice from the beginning


The best way to introduce your two animals to each other is to introduce them outside the house, for example during a walk. If more than one person and dogs smell each other , , if one person controls each, the method will work better.


There are two possibilities at this point. They may not show any interest in each other until they get close. Then there may be a fight. If this happens, stay calm and move the two dogs away.


The second possibility is that as soon as they see it, they get along well. In this case, you can try taking them home together. Let the new dog enter after the other as you enter the house. In this way, the host dog shows the way to the new member of the family. If it doesn’t seem to be a problem with you side by side, you can leave them together.


They may need some supervision in their early days. Especially during meal times and during games you should stop early to avoid fights. You should be careful if your first dog is a dog capable of fighting with other dogs. To avoid trouble, do not push the limits of your first dog.


Controlling your instincts


If your pet at home is not a dog, both animals must learn to control their instincts when they recognize each other . They must know each other slowly and remotely. You must keep them apart until you have a certain habit.


If you have a cat you will have to take things a little slow. You can’t force cats to do anything. However, when you see a cat, you can learn about the dog’s breed in order to instinctively predict what your dog would want to do .


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If you have a puppy or an old dog, you should think about how much time you can devote to the practice. Puppies take time but you can’t leave old dogs side by side. They may get anxiety and stress.


Is it Right to Choose Dog by Type?


In general, people adopt a dog according to the type of dog or how beautiful it looks. Adding a dog to the family, however, is a difficult process, and only does not seem to be a good decision to make.


Many dogs cannot adapt to the family and as a result are abandoned on the streets. Especially if you have children and other animals in the house make sure you have enough time to get to know the animal well and get used to the process .


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Keep in mind


Allow the puppy to approach and recognize the adult dog at any time. Of course, try not to let the adult dog scare the puppy and keep them apart until a bond of trust is established between them.


To prevent a possible fight, keep items separate from each other in the same way. If a fight occurs, try to separate it quickly. First of all you should teach your dog to eat only from its own food container. He should not attempt to finish his own food quickly and eat the other animal’s food.


We hope that the aforementioned suggestions will help you to include a dog in the family at the end of a smooth and fast training period.









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