Aggressive, Overprotected Dogs

 Aggression caused by overprotection: the dangers of humanizing pets

First, when you humanize a pet, you must understand that you have stopped respecting the animal’s nature. If you force or encourage an animal to behave like a human, you can cause the animal to develop behavioral disorders.


Nowadays, it is not difficult to find human samples that treat dogs as human beings. One of the most prominent examples is the subject of food.


When you share your food with your pet, you harm the animal. The best scenario is to feed dogs under the table , causing only negative behavioral habits. Worse, doing so can cause severe digestive diseases in the domestic animal.


Clothes and accessories

 A clear example of humanizing an animal is to dress the dog with shoes.

You may think they look cute, but this can adversely affect your dog’s health. Among other things, it prevents your dog’s feet from developing naturally and from walking normally because it does not touch the floor.


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Clothes can humanize your pet.


Treating your dog as a human also causes behavioral or personality problems . The worst part of this is that the owners do not regret this behavior on their behalf.


Aggressive, overprotected dogs or heavy winning are a serious problem. These problems are almost always associated with the over-humanization of the animal. Normally, it is due to lack of discipline. This may be because the owner does not know how to determine the boundaries of the pet.


Why do people overprotect against their pets?


Extreme protection begins when we project the image of an innocent baby to our pet. We begin to believe that the animal needs us to defend it and protect it from external threats.


Showing your pet that you love and care for your pet may seem like good parenting, but over-care marks the beginning of humanization. Overprotection of pets prevents proper maturation. Instead, it is the opposite. By not allowing the animal to develop its natural instincts, you actually make it more vulnerable.


Why is it so hard to treat animals as animals and people as humans?


Many psychologists say that this difficulty is a clear sign of the transformation of the concept of family. This represents both a movement towards individualism and shows that many people see their pet as part of the family.


In addition, individualism reveals that many people find it more difficult to communicate and express themselves. Instead of working on it, they return to their dog. As usual, people don’t trust other people and see dogs as “the best friend of man”.


There have been many psychoanalytic studies showing that this alienation from other people harms our self-esteem and social skills.


How do you prevent aggression in overprotected dogs?


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The first step to prevent aggression must be the owner of the animal. If your dog is overprotective and you see signs of aggression, take a look at your behavior and try to find the cause of your overprotection. Thus, your dog may stop behaving like a human being; you can focus on setting clear rules and limits on what is appropriate for a person and a dog.

 Overprotected dogs can be aggressive

Start with small steps.


As a result, the animal will respectfully learn which areas and activities are reserved for humans. Everything starts by taking baby steps. For example, you can start by teaching your dog not to jump in bed or begging for food at the table.

 Animals are different from us

You should also keep in mind that animals have their own needs, emotions and ways of understanding the world. Their body is not the same as ours, their language or the way they express themselves… By understanding this, you may have the ability to respect your furry friend and teach him proper behavior.

 Later, you should understand that the dog is a member of the family but the herd is not the leader . A dog that plays the role of alpha in the family is more likely to develop aggressive behavior. An alpha dog always tries to korum protect “the herd. For this reason, it will often show ownership of strangers or other animals.

Learn to say no


To clarify the role of a dog in the home, it is important to learn to say “no”. Whether you like it or not, it is necessary to learn to refuse certain behaviors of your dog, to train them and to give them a peaceful life.


Therefore, many experts emphasize the importance of the basic commands of the teacher and the animal’s obedience training.









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