All About Search and Rescue Dogs


Switzerland became the pioneer of search and rescue dogs training . The reason why Switzerland began training search and rescue dogs was the large number of people lost in the Swiss Alps. In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about these amazing animals. Continue reading!


History of Search and Rescue Dogs


Although hunting dogs have always been used in search and rescue missions, the recognition of these dogs with their abilities was the period of World War II .


Dog breeds such as the German shepherd dog were used to search for survivors under the rubble. Shortly thereafter, it has become more common to specifically train search and rescue dogs. Because people wanted to use these animals for future disasters and disappearances. köpek heykeli In the 1950s, after the hardest time in Europe in the post-war period, some schools specializing in the search and rescue dogs began to emerge .


This profession became particularly popular in Switzerland and Germany. The first Spanish search and rescue dog training school was opened in the 80s. The education at this school was based on a method developed by the Red Cross in Hamburg (an international charitable organization). The plan of education consisted of four stages:


     The cage and the human figure
     Box or container

  • Someone who is hidden

  • Searching with a leash


How Search and Rescue Dogs Search?


Some people believe that these dogs kok hunt ”clues by sniffing an object belonging to the missing person and following that smell until they find the missing person .


However, it is not possible to apply this method if the identity of this person is unknown or if there is no object that can trace the person’s smell .


In the training of search and rescue dogs, the trainers were instructed to identify the odors of people close to the dogs, the odors the dog could see, and that the dog could smell; but teaches to distinguish between odors that he cannot see . sahada kurtarma köpeği This training is useful if a person is trapped or lost under the rubble. When the dog detects a person or an object (whether it is a drug or an explosive), it will start barking.


The reason the dog did this was that the dog had positive reinforcement during his training . Thus, the dog establishes a link between the act of finding a hidden object and receiving reward food.


The Most Suitable Dogs to Act as Search and Rescue Dogs


The answer to this question is very simple. Which dog is trained for this purpose, that dog is the most suitable dog for this task. Sometimes people think that only German shepherd dogs or Bloodhound dogs can be search and rescue dogs.

 However, there are hundreds of other dog breeds that can do the same job. But if a dog’s breed doesn’t determine the capabilities that search and rescue dogs need, then what happens? Here are some of the features required for this kind of life-saving work:


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