Alternative Dog Foods and Properties


Currently, many dog ​​owners feed their animals only dry dog ​​food. But sometimes you have questions about these foods. For example, are these foods really healthy? Or won’t your dog get tired of eating the same thing every day? What if your dog doesn’t like dry food? If you are looking for answers to these questions, alternative dog food will be a good option for you.


Feeding Your Dog with Dog Food


It is a fact that dogs develop from wolves. However, one of the greatest evolutionary differences between them has taken place in the digestive systems. Wolves Although carnivores, dogs have been omnivorous.


Therefore, the basis of a dog’s feeding is meat, but vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. they also need to eat. These foods and other ingredients are added to traditional dog food to make the product more attractive. However, you should also know that there are alternative dog foods to feed your dog.


Not all dog food provides a balanced diet that dogs need. Very inexpensive dog food usually has a lot of cereals and vegetables. On the other hand, the meat protein your dog needs is added to expensive dog food. It is important that you carefully examine the ingredients on the food label to see which one is best for your dog.


BARF Diets

 BARF diets are based on raw foods. There are only a few cooked vegetables and cereals such as pasta. In the BARF diets dogs are fed raw meat, bones and internal organs. In other words, they are fed as if they live in a natural environment.

alternatif köpek mamaları


This type of diet has many advantages. Quantities and balance are personalized for each dog. This diet allows your pet to experience the gut and tear instinct. Likewise, raw foods allow you to enjoy different textures and flavors throughout the day.


However, this diet has two major disadvantages. The first is that it is difficult to balance. It is important to consult your veterinarian [1945909] to ensure that your dog is not deprived of any food groups and is fed the right amount .


Frozen BARF


The second disadvantage of the BARF diet is that meals require prior planning. This is difficult for people who don’t have a lot of time. To help this, manufacturers prepare mixtures containing all necessary food groups and offer them frozen.


Although it appears to be a different type of diet, it is essentially the same as the BARF diet. The difference is that you can buy pre-frozen foods instead of preparing them at home.


At home, all you have to do is divide portions according to the size and needs of your dog, wait for the food to dissolve and give it to your dog.


Food without water


Anhydrous foods, as the name implies, are mixed foods that are pre-dried and packaged. When it comes to preparation, all you need to do is to follow the instructions on the package: some food requires hot water and some for cold water. The preparation time also varies depending on the water temperature you are using.


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When you look at the packaging, it may look like ordinary dog ​​food, but it is actually very different because it is prepared fresh and intact. After reconstitution, you will get a soft, tasty and healthy bowl of formula.


It is generally recommended for older dogs or dogs with dental problems because such foods are easy to chew. However, these foods can leave traces on the teeth of the animal, which can cause bad breath. Therefore, after eating it is necessary to give your pet a clean bone to clean or gnaw its teeth.


Alternative dog food made from scratch


Before supermarkets began selling dog food, dogs used to eat left-over food or food prepared for them.


This is still an option for your dog and is a great alternative to normal dog food. Keep in mind that some substances are harmful to dogs. Therefore, avoid using salt, fat, sugar sugar and fried foods as well as processed foods.


Also remember that it is important to follow your veterinarian’s advice to ensure that you feed your dog properly.


Dogs are living animals everywhere, that is, they eat all food groups. They love fruits and vegetables as well as meat. Therefore, you can feed your dog on a natural diet similar to what you eat at home. This way, you can get rid of boring and unhealthy dog ​​food.








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