Basic Puppy Training


Basic training for dogs up to 1 year of age is more beneficial than late years. The sooner you start training, the more you will benefit. Don’t expect your dog to behave incorrectly to start training your dog.


The way dogs learn something new is not like that of us humans. Dogs need to be taught from their owners how to behave both at home and outdoors. Every dog ​​owner who is aware of his responsibility knows their need and spends the time necessary to train them.


It is unfair to punish your dog for damaging you if you do not provide adequate training. In such a situation, the only thing your dog actually does is try to satisfy your curiosity and act instinctively. The ability of the dog to control itself and its behavior is entirely up to the owner.


Beginning of puppy training


If the pup to be trained is less than 3 months old, it is more accurate to be trained by only one family member . After 3 months, more people can receive commands.


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Prioritize the area where your puppy will sleep. The fact that the puppy knows his field is an important part of his basic training. The space you set for him should be a space where he can sleep comfortably and your puppy must learn to come to sleep in this space.


It is very important that you name your puppy and let him know it. Short names should be preferred because it will be easier to remember . At first tell him your name and encourage him to come with you every time you say his name.


Your puppy should learn the word “No ve and its meaning. You have to say this word harshly but without shouting and frightening him. When you say “no”, he will understand that what he is doing is something that should not be done. This is the most challenging part of puppy training.


One of the most challenging issues for dog owners in dog training is to allow dogs to pee or feces in the designated area of ​​the house. However, it is not so difficult for dogs to receive toilet training when dog training begins at a very young age.


One of the best ways to do this is to take your dog every two hours to the toilet area you set for him . Reward him by giving him an award food or toy every time he goes to the designated area and toilets. It is very important that your dog understands that he is doing a good thing by doing the toilet in the area you have designated for him and therefore he is rewarded.


Since puppies often need defecation an hour after their meal, it is best to take them out at this time. You should say “No ında when they pee or poop in the wrong place.


Eliminate the water container one hour before your puppy sleeps. With these simple practices, a dog owner can complete this part of dog training in 6 or 7 days.


Other training methods


There are many more things to consider during basic dog training. In addition to the aforementioned issues, we have listed some important topics for you below:



  • Be sure to give your dog food every day at the same time. Your dog should eat after you. In this way he will learn who is the “boss..

  • Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time. It is a gradual process for dogs to learn to stay alone. The time you leave your dog alone needs to be increased gradually.

  • The socialization of dogs is very, very important.

  • Never hit your dog with a leash or threaten it with a leash. The leash should remind your dog to walk around and have fun. We can think of this as a symbolic “umbilical cord arasındaki between the owner and the dog.

  • If your dog hangs out on a leash and tries to pull you in one direction, just say “no ve and change your direction. In this way, he will understand who has the authority to determine direction.

  • Never give your dog medicine, punish him, and scold him in the sleeping area you have designated as his field.


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It is much more accurate to give commands with a clear and simple approach. In this way, the puppy understands the orders better. You should always use the same tone, avoid shouting and screaming while commanding it.
  Most importantly, you should be consistent when commanding. Conflicting commands only confuse the puppy and give him the message that you are not actually an authority.








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