Basic Training 101: How do you get your dog to come with you when you call?


Do you want your dog to obey you every time you call him? Then continue reading. We’ll give you some tips to keep your dog out of trouble, not to disturb others, or to endanger his life because he doesn’t listen.


How to get your dog to come with you every time you call


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Many dog ​​owners, whether at home, in the park, or at the vet, say they don’t know how to get their pets to come with them when they call. First of all, you have to know how to make that “call”. Basically, whatever your dog is busy with, you just need to do something remarkable to come to you.


Seen in this way, it seems an interesting challenge. For example, shouting at your dog with a scolding voice makes him realize that he will most likely obey your word and not be able to run towards you.


The mind of a dog is very simple. Works according to actions and reactions . Look at the logic:



  • Case 1: “My owner calls me with a very angry tone. I’m sure I did something wrong. I better not go. ”

  • Case 2: “My owner calls me with a sweet tone. I’m sure he has something good for me. I must run to him quickly ”


Have your dog come every time you call him


The following behaviors and habits fall into the category of am don’ts ”. Don’t do them…


1. Calling him with an angry tone


Who would want to stop doing something (especially if it’s fun) and run for someone to scold him? Imagine this at work. You enjoy talking with your colleagues, and your boss shouts at you, saying it takes too long to deliver the reports. Would you like to go to his room? Here’s the same thing for a dog!


2. Call him occasionally so he will want to go home


When you take your dog for a walk and take him to the park, if you let him play freely with other dogs (without a collar) , he probably won’t want to come when you call, because that means having to go back home and be bored. To avoid this reaction, invite him to you several times during the walk, love him, appreciate him for this, or give him a toy.


3. Repeat the recall job several times


If you call him gel Come here,, or if you call him by name, he will continue to do what he does after two seconds. Don’t call him again. Let him understand the word and associate it with the coming movement toward you. With frequent practice, you won’t have to wait too long or you’ll have to repeat yourself a lot.


4. Punish him if he does not come the first time


When you call your pet when it comes to you, appreciate it. He won’t know how long it takes him to obey. If you punish him for taking a long time to come to you , he will associate the act of calling with the punishment and will never come next time you call!


Now let’s see what to do if you want your dog to come with you when you call him. Do these…


5. Give him an award


Dogs react very well to the reward system (of course, but not for punishment). Therefore, each time he does, he must receive a reward for correct behavior. It doesn’t have to be food or toys. However, it should at least be caressed, hugged or praised.


6. Turn this into a game


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To prevent your dog from seeing it as a simple command, turn into a game . For example, hide behind a tree, on a couch, or anything, and call him by his name so that he can come and call you.


Even if your dog is in danger, do not address him by shouting, so that he does not think that he is under threat and disobey. For example, if you do not want him to cross the street without your permission, approach him with a gentle tone so that he doesn’t panic and cross over in a dangerous way.









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