Basic Training for Your Puppy


The first time you get a puppy, you may be a little confused about training. The worst thing you can do to your dog is to skip the basic training you need to give . Of course, however, there are some errors that you should avoid. We’ll share a few tips on basic training to guide you right.


What happens if basic training is incomplete?


Lack of information or advice from the wrong people can make serious mistakes while training your puppy. Here are some common mistakes:


Humanizing your puppy


If you are new to basic training, this is one of the most common mistakes you will make. Most people make the mistake of treating dogs as human beings. They talk to them as if they were babies or let them go to bed or couch as a child.


Our advice is: your dog is not human. Treat your dog like a real animal. Humanizing your dog is a form of abuse. When you humanize a dog, you do not allow it to express its natural personality. As a result, they cannot live a happy and balanced life.


Punishing your dog


Most people still think that the most effective method of discipline is to shout or hit a dog . However, these behaviors are not correct in any respect . In animal training, positive reinforcement has proven to give the best results.


If you shout or punish your dog as punishment, you will abuse your pet and teach your dog nothing.


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It will be the opposite of what you hope, and your puppy will be afraid of you. It may also become aggressive and experience mental instability, resulting in destructive behavior.


Don’t leave anything he does


On the other hand, you should not let your dog do whatever he wants. This is not a good idea, as you will find it difficult to talk to your dog over time. As the owner of the house, you should teach your dog well about his role in the family.


As your pet becomes part of the family , it is important that each family member has a thorough understanding of their role in the family. How will your dog know if you don’t show him? You have to take the leadership role. You must teach him the rules of the house .


Basic trainings for a puppy


Depending on the puppy’s age and how long you have been trained, there are a few things you can teach your new dog. The most basic points are:


Basic trainings: Where he sleeps


Find a comfortable spot in your home. It must be a place that receives little or no light. It must be a cool and moisture-free place. Choose a bed that is the size of your dog and show it to your dog.


Show him that there is a place where he can sleep, rest or get away from any mess and noise. Also, when everyone in the family goes to bed, encourage him to go to bed.


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Basic trainings: Eating place


A dog’s food and bed should not be related to each other and should be located in different places. That means you’ll have to teach your dog where water and food will be. But don’t worry! You will learn very quickly.


Basic trainings: Where he goes to the toilet


This may be the most difficult training among basic trainings. However, with a little patience you can succeed! Today, there are scented pads that encourage your dog to place his toilet on the floor instead of the parquet.


Of course, once your dog is large enough to go out and has completed their vaccination, should be taken out of the toilet three times a day . So she’il get used to when to do her toilet.


After your dog gets used to the outside, you can remove the scented pads. However, if you often leave your dog alone at home, you can roll the pads as a precaution again.


If you follow these practical tips and avoid the mistakes we’re talking about, giving your puppy basic training will not be as torture as you think.









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