Benefits of Apple Vinegar for Animals


Vinegar, a liquid from ancient times, is increasingly used today.


Vinegar was originally used as a cleaning agent, but only white vinegar was produced for this purpose. Then began to be used for health and beauty. Even if you drink apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, it is said that it cleans the stains on the face thanks to its antioxidant properties.


Later, more vinegar, such as apple cider vinegar, began to be sold for reduced taste and reduced hardness. Apple cider vinegar is constantly praised for its health benefit. So can it be useful to animals?


Is apple cider vinegar useful to animals?


Yes, very useful. If our goal is to use natural products while caring for our animals, apple cider vinegar is our best option. Apple cider vinegar has many benefits. Here are a few examples:


Good for the health of skin and feathers


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If you want to shine your hair is called rinse with vinegar. This also applies to dogs. If we rinse with vinegar after washing our dog, its feathers will shine and look much healthier.


Vinegar is also anti-fungal, antifungal and moisturizing, so that your dog’s skin is healthier by balancing the pH levels. Vinegar, with its moisturizing effect, protects your animal from possible diseases, irritations and inflammations as well as enhances the appearance of the skin and prevents dryness.


Vinegar also helps to control the smell of our animal; because it reduces the pungent odor of dogs and keeps them clean longer after bathing.


Assists in combating external parasites


Acetic acid, one of the main ingredients in vinegar, is a highly effective flea and flea repellent. If your dog has external interference, follow these recommendations:


Mix equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar in a bowl and pour into a cloth. Drive all over your dog except for sensitive areas such as the eye and genital area. Do this several times each day. You will find that external parasites disappear without using any chemicals.


You can also use vinegar as a natural insecticide by spraying vinegar on your animal’s skin every two days.


Facilitates digestion


A glass of wine is called digestion helps. In dogs, this applies to vinegar.


Vinegar; it helps dogs balance acids in the digestive tract, kill bacteria and secrete various enzymes. When all of these factors are combined, your animal will have a perfect digestive system.


In addition, the intestine flora will be easily renewed thanks to vinegar, so your animal will not suffer from constipation. Making your dog drink vinegar is not an easy task. You can put a few drops in the water. If he refuses to drink, mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and try to give it with a syringe. It will be an unpleasant experience for your dog, but everything is for his own good.


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For the treatment of urinary tract infection


Apple cider vinegar detoxifies your dog’s urinary tract. In addition to the veterinary treatment, mixing one teaspoon of vinegar into the water accelerates the treatment process.


To fight arthritis


Vinegar, anti-inflammatory and contains high vitamin C because it is ideal for fighting arthritis in dogs. You can use the same method as before; Put a teaspoon of vinegar into the dog’s water.


Do not exceed the recommended dose. Putting more vinegar does not accelerate your animal’s healing process. It will take a while for all diseases to pass.


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