Benefits of Blending Wet and Other Foods


Choosing the most suitable food for your dog may not always be an easy task . It is not a matter of going to a pet store of a grocery store and choosing between wet and dry food. There are many factors to consider.


In general, not all wet or dry foods are of the same quality and are not recommended for all types of pets.


There are pet owners who think that dry foods are more balanced and healthy. There are some who think that canned foods are more beautiful. In this article, we will share with you the pros of combining wet and other food types.


Three Types of Nutrition Using Wet and Dry Food


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Depending on the humidity and how much water it contains, there are three types of feeding for dogs : wet food (also known as canned), dry food and a mixture of the two.


Wet Food and Pets


Dogs love wet food. But we cannot always say that this is the most appropriate food. For example, if the dog has a still lifestyle , it would not make sense to give only wet food.


Inability to keep track of how much you give from this type of food can, in addition to its other cons, cause obesity in dogs . This is due to the fact that canned foods have higher calorie rates.


The quality of canned foods is also an important factor . In supermarkets, we can find low-priced products and low-nutrient foods.


Dry Food


Experts in the field of animal nutrition recommend that dry food be preferred over wet. This is because it offers a more balanced diet . In addition, it is also better for oral hygiene. By breaking and chewing dry food, dental plaque formation in dogs is prevented.


Semi-Wet Food


Another option is to mix the two formulas mentioned above. Normally, you can find such products in supermarkets in the form of hamburgers, minced meat or beef pieces. These products contain more moisture than dry food but less moisture than wet food.


In this way, 80% of pet food consists of water, while semi-wet food is between 15-30%.


This semi-wet food cannot be loved much, but it is both less calorie and healthier.


Food at Home


If the dog is happy with normal nutrition, there is no need to change it as long as it is of good quality. In many cases, our domestic animals respond sensitively to changes in feeding habits . A change in nutrition may cause unwanted diseases such as diarrhea.


When preparing food, it is not a good habit for pets to stand by the kitchen . In many cases, the food falls to the ground and then to our friend’s stomach.


Veterinarians recommend keeping dogs away from places where food is prepared or eaten.


Wet Foods for Special Nutritional Habits


Some wet foods were prepared according to the special circumstances of our pets . For example, there are canned foods designed for dogs with problems in the digestive tract.


In the supermarket, we can find many different foods for such special occasions. These are special foods used when our dog needs a special feeding program. It can be consumed in case of chronic or acute diseases of certain age, allergy nutritional sensitivity.


Before choosing one of these options, it is useful to consult with the vet.


Recommendations for Packed Products


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  • Do not mix packaged products.

  • Carefully examine the information on each product such as humidity, manufacturer information, materials used.

  • The manufacturer must be one of the reliable and recognized .

  • The food in the dog’s bowl, whether dry or wet, should be removed. Don’t let it break.

  • As we have seen, it is not a good option to give food left in the house to feed our pets.









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