Benefits of Giving Your Dog a Carrot


Perhaps you think carrots are useful vegetables not only for dogs, but for humans or rabbits. However, carrot is also very useful for people’s best friend. It is a great choice to reward when they are good or to show them our love. Sure, that’s not all; carrots are very useful for canine teeth. Read on for the benefits of carrot.


What are the benefits of carrot for dogs?


This delicious vegetable must be kept in your home because it is essential for the health of both family members and your little friends. Here are the benefits of carrot:


Nutritional values ​​are high


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Immune The system is good for the A, B, B1, B6, C, D and K minerals, as well as contains carotenoid, mineral, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium and chlorine It contains.


Good for dental health


If your dog eats raw carrots (shelled or unshelled), the hard structure of the carrot removes nutrient residues from all its teeth and gums, including molars and canines . Carrot is also an excellent helper, although it is not the only thing that helps oral health (brushing dogs’ teeth from the 7th month onwards).


Regulates the nervous system


The most appropriate snack between meals is the carrot. Useful, high nutritional value and a great toy that your dog can chew to reduce anxiety and stress.


Relieves the hunger of your dog


Some dogs are very gluttonous and can never get enough. You can feed them, for example, with carrots piece by piece between lunch and dinner. This will reduce their appetite and prevent them from looking forward to dinner.


Also useful for pregnant dogs


If your dog is about to give birth, do not worry about giving carrots to your dog because carrots accelerate blood circulation and milk production.


Good for skin and eyes


Thanks to the carotenoids and vitamin A it contains, carrots are very useful for the skin health of animals. (for example, these vitamins minimize sun damage). It also prevents eye diseases such as cataracts.


Useful for obese dogs


Due to the fat and high water content in addition to calming hunger, this vegetable is recommended for overweight and older adults.


How do you feed your dog carrots?


If you reward your dog when he does something right, try giving carrots instead of rewards and snacks from the markets. Because it’s cheaper, easier to store, low-calorie and at the same time people can consume!


You should wash carrots thoroughly before giving them to your dog. After cutting the tips, you should give them raw. Considering the size of your dog you can give the carrot as a whole or you can break it into small pieces. Some people prefer “small” carrots because they are small in size and do not stick to the dog’s throat.


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In addition, carrots can be used to replace bones made from raw skin or similar foods. Most dogs can chew carrots for hours. However, as there is always the risk of suffocation, you should keep an eye on your dog.


You can also give your dog cooked carrots, but in this way your dog cannot clean his teeth or blunt his worries and chewing instinct. In addition, nutritional properties are reduced as they will lose some nutrients in the cooking process. What’s more, you can accidentally feed your dog carrots in a salty or spicy way.


Don’t overdo the amount when feeding your dog with carrots. It is normal for the stool to be slightly orange or to contain visible pieces of vegetables. If you prefer small carrots, starting with once a day, you can give up to 4 for small dogs, 6 for medium dogs and 8 for large dogs.


If you use large carrots, feed a maximum of 2 times a day. Remember that dogs with digestive problems and diabetes should not consume carrots. So what do you think about giving your dog carrots? Will you try to give them carrots?


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