Benefits of Olive Oil for Animals


Although animals cannot eat the same food as us, some of our foods also benefit them. We have already mentioned fats such as Omega 3, cod liver oil and other products that are extremely healthy for animals. The topic of today is the benefits of olive oil .


In this article, we will talk about the characteristics of olive oil, the benefits it provides for pets and how you can use it.

 Properties of olive oil

First of all, we would like to underline that olive oil is monounsaturated oil, which is not harmful to human health. But of course you need to be restrained. Olive oil contains vitamin E and high Omega content. In addition, the antioxidants it contains feed the cells of our pets.

 Studies also show that olive oil prevents cancer, or at least reduces the risk of developing this disease . Which is to increase good cholesterol, bad cholesterol lowering is another feature. In addition to these benefits of olive oil, another advantage is that it is good for the joints. Only old and sick dogs – some- are no exception.
How should you give your pets olive oil?
As we said before, the use of this oil should not be exaggerated; You can refer to the weight of your dog to decide how much olive oil to use. Below is a list for this.


  • For dogs weighing less than 10 kilograms – half a teaspoon per day

  • 11 to 30 kilograms for dogs – 1 tea break per day

  • For dogs weighing more than 30 kilograms – 1.5 teaspoons a day


So how do you give it to your pet? The easiest way is to mix it with your pet’s food. This method will also add a taste that your animal will love. Another way to give olive oil to your pets is to use olive oil as an appetizer in the evening. You can drive a rice cracker or a dog’s favorite food.
It is important that you do not exceed the recommended amount, otherwise your pet may have diarrhea .


Health benefits of olive oil


Olive oil has many known and unknown health benefits. You will notice that even after a few weeks of giving your dog olive oil, their appearance has changed. Their skin and feathers will be healthier and more beautiful, which will enhance the appearance. If your dog is inclined to gain weight, the right amount of olive oil will help.


Olive oil is a unique skin regenerator. Therefore, if your dog has skin dryness or any skin disease, applying olive oil directly to the skin will solve the problem. However, it is an oil that takes a long time to be absorbed by the skin. So, you can use lead oil or other oil instead. On the other hand, your dog should never eat rosehip oil. This oil can only be applied to the skin.


What else can olive oil be used for?


Olive oil has other benefits for your pets. For example:



  • Constipation: Recommended amounts of olive oil to regulate your pet’s intestinal flora and helps to poop without problems.

  • Paws: The paws of domestic animals may be scratched or injured as the paws are in constant contact with the ground. Applying olive oil to paws gives softness. It also alleviates the pain of your animal, if any.

  • Fleas : Olive oil directly applied to the skin of the pet’s olive oil damages the nests in which these mites settle. In addition, when your dog scratches itself, these scratched spots normally dry out, but olive oil also serves to moisten these areas.

  • Ticks: This where the parasite soaked with olive oil and wait a few minutes. Then dry this area and pull the tick with tweezers.


In summary, the benefits of olive oil are clear, although not every food we eat is beneficial to animals. Olive oil has features that improve the health and quality of life of our pets. So, follow our advice – without exceeding our recommended amounts – and see the positive development in your pet.









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