Best Dog Food: Value for Money


All options on the market can be very difficult for someone who has a dog for the first time or who is considering changing the food of their pet. In the following, we will talk about cheap dog food which does not endanger your dog’s health.


Factors to consider when choosing your dog’s food


This list can help you review some of the factors you should consider when buying a new formula:



kdili dışarıda benekli köpek


Considering all these factors and the fact that dogs are all-eating animals, you should choose a food that provides a balanced amount of food and meets your pet’s basic needs.


How to choose the right food?


In mid-2017, the Organization for Consumers and Users, known briefly as TKO, issued a detailed report on healthy dog ​​food compositions and the effects of different ingredients on your pet’s health.


In order to determine whether foods meet the basic needs of a healthy dog, the report sets out the following guidelines for their ingredients:



  • Energy density or the amount of calories provided . This amount is important when deciding how much food you give your dog.

  • Carbohydrates common in molded dog food. Such foods undergo a heating, shaping and humidifying process to homogenize and make food more digestible. Carbohydrates provide the fiber necessary for intestinal passage. However, some brands use less meat by adding too much carbohydrates to foods.

  • Proteins. In particular, quantity and quality are important. Poor quality foods often use a flour obtained with offal, ground bones, vegetable proteins and collagen. Foods that use fresh or dried meat are always better.

  • Oil. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids can help maintain skin pH and shine of fur. The quality of fats contained in foods is important for preventing weight gain.

  • Vitamins and minerals. Your dog’s food should contain a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals. For example, calcium and phosphorus should be combined.

  • The quality of raw materials ( contains raw meat ? If so, how much?) Is a very important factor when choosing a dog food.


köpek mamaları için malzemeler

 Brands: Getting your money’s worth

The daily cost of feeding an animal will not only provide the minimum amount of food necessary for survival, but will also affect your decisions when making dog food. Dog Food Advisor has published a list of food that meets these requirements and is affordable for owners.


Some of the best:



  • Purina Pro Plan Optihealth: Young and young (1-10 kg). 7.1 Euros per kilo

  • Affinity Ultima Nature Medium Maxi (+10 kg.) Adult. 5.01 Euro per kilo.

  • Acana Prairie Poultry. Adult Dog 8.1 Euro per Weight.


Consult your veterinarian for more information or check the list published by Dog Food advisor .









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