Biting Problem and Solution in Puppy Dogs


At first your puppy may look very cute and calm… But when you grow up a bit and feel safer with you, everything changes. If your puppy bites everything he sees, keep reading! In this article, we give information about the biting problem and its solution in puppies.


Why does your puppy bite everything he sees?


Before you get angry at your dog’s behavior, you should learn why puppies love to bite so much. When you have an idea of ​​why your puppy bites everything, you will be more patient and compassionate , and you can train him better with this knowledge.


Biting is a common part of the cognitive development of dogs. It also allows them to develop their jaws, recognize their surroundings and discover odors and textures. It’s like babies sticking everything in their mouths.



Puppies need to bite something to alleviate pain when they pull out and to keep the teeth healthy . However, in some cases, dogs may have biting problems because the dog is overactive, desires attention or boredom.


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Bite is one of the first things a puppy learns after birth. He bites his brothers and mother, which allows him to learn how to control his strength and in which situations he should bite.


Although he learns it to himself, biting can become a part of his daily life and may want to bite everything he finds at home. So, how can biting problems be solved in puppies? Here are some recommendations:


How can biting problems be solved in puppies?


You may not know what to do to prevent your puppy from bites your slippers, furniture and seats. Your dog destroys everything that comes in front of you, which naturally annoys you. Also, your dog’s biting problem can cost you dearly. But don’t worry! There is nothing that cannot be solved with patience and determination.


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Keep your dog socialized


While your dog is still a puppy, you must ensure that he socializes with other dogs . You should not forget the importance of the printing period and you should not adopt a dog that has not been 3 months old. Because puppies need to be with their mothers and siblings for the first 3 months after they are born to learn how to behave and how to control their biting instinct.


If your dog stays with his mother and siblings for the first 3 months, but still bites everything he sees, you should make him socialize with puppies and adult dogs. Puppy dogs will teach you how to behave adult dogs, while ensuring that it is energetic and sensitive. Furthermore, is less tightened and tensions are reduced, which minimizes the desire to bite everything he sees.

 Feed him with your hands

Dogs become aware of this when they hurt a person or another animal. If you feed him by hand, he will be more careful not to harm you. So you can train her to bite nicely and gradually.


If he bites your hand while feeding it, raise your voice. This will remind him to be angry when he was first born, when he bit his mother and siblings too much.


Give him a toy


Today, there are many toys designed specifically for the tooth development of puppies. You can go to a pet shop and ask them to give you the most appropriate toy according to your dog’s age and size. This toy will allow your little furry friend to spend time.

 Use the dog repellent

To train your puppy, you can use repellent spray with an odor that dogs don’t like. But make sure the repellent spray is suitable for your dog’s age and size . Otherwise, it may be harmful to your dog. Spray dog ​​repellent spray over the things your dog bites constantly until you stop biting them.


If you follow these recommendations, you will find that your puppy has given up the biting habit. But in any case, it will give up this habit in a few months, because the habit of biting is part of the development of puppies and when they grow up they quit.









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