Border Collie: How Do These Smart Dogs Train?


The Border Collie is one of the oldest sheepdogs and one of the oldest working dog breeds, which is easy to train because of their amazing qualities and skills. In today’s article, you can find some practical information and advice on how to train these dogs.


Some Features That Make Border Collie Dog Training Easier


Here are some of the features of these dogs:




Border Collie dogs are very persistent. So, if you try to train a Border Collie to do something; The animal will never stop until you learn how to follow the command you taught .


These animals really have an incredible learning ability. Besides, when it comes to listening to words, commands, Border Collies have a good attention span.


Listening to the Word


Obedience is one of the main characteristics of Border Collie dogs. Whatever the circumstances, he will never disobey you. Another reason to train them well is that they are so obedient.




These animals are certainly not small animals and need to exercise plenty of time. However, Border Collie dogs are usually very calm.


Border Collies are never timid or hyperactive, making them the perfect pet for a family. If you know how to train a dog without letting it get too excited, this dog is a great family dog ​​ for you.




Intelligence is another element that shows why it is so easy to train a Border Collie. The intelligence of these animals makes it possible for you to teach them more complex commands and you can even show off with your talented dog in front of your friends.




Since Border Collie dogs have long been used as shepherd dogs, they naturally have guard dog instinct. Especially if you want a pet that can behave like a watchdog , these dogs are perfect for you; because they protect their loved ones at all costs.


koşan border collie


How to Train Border Collie


It is always best to start training him when a dog is a puppy yet. But you can’t teach him everything. Dogs need to develop and grow completely to learn some commands. Take a look at this short guide to give you an idea of ​​how to properly train Border Collie.


When the dog is three to six months old


The time you should start socializing your dog , this is the time interval. This means accustoming the dog to be around other people and dogs.


You can also teach your dog simple commands such as “sit down, relax, stand up [ or basic things such as walking around without a leash.


If you want to do what we said last, be sure to start teaching the animal in a confined space ; so the puppy will not try to escape.


From six to nine months old


Now you can start training the dog to prevent him from barking, to get you something , or to turn things around. By this time your dog must understand that you are the leader of the herd.


This means that the animal must follow you. This fact is what helped Border Collie – along with intelligence and persistence – to help him learn commands quickly.


One year and older


When Border Collie dogs turn one year old, you can now train him to do anything you want . If you want him to do things like bring you the newspaper, take your plate to the kitchen , this is the best age to start sending to a professional instructor.


Some Tips on How to Train Border Collie


Although they are really good at focusing, this quality may be exhausting them. Therefore, as with other dogs, you should keep training sessions short for about 10-15 minutes in these dogs .


frizbi oynayan köpek


Positive reinforcement is an absolute necessity for the training of any dog. Shouting and punishing animals is the most barbaric way of educating an animal.


Although not all Border Collies share common features, keep in mind that every dog ​​is still his own world. This means that you need to tailor the training to your needs, abilities and limits.


If you are attached to your dog, you are patient and affectionate; you have a well-trained, wonderful pet.









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