Calming Signs in Dog Training


If you are nervous, your dog may not obey your commands. It also makes it difficult for you to calm him down. For these reasons, calming signs play an important role in dog training. You can learn more by reading our article.

 Calming signs in dog training: learn the language

Probably after being rebuked for misbehaving , you’ve seen your dog head down and his tail slowly approaching you between his legs. This sign means both surrender and they walk slowly to calm themselves.


Yes, you read it right. Just as people meditate, listen to classical music or take a bath, animals have methods of calming themselves. When something stresses your dog or or worries, it will yawn, smell, bend or bend slowly.


The soothing signs in dogs are movements or gestures to relieve tension in their bodies. Therefore, it is important to use them when you want to know them and teach your dog something.


Dogs received these signs of tension reduction from wolf ancestors who used to live together in the herd, avoid fighting and prevent stressful situations.


köpeğe otur komutu veren kadın


How do we use these calming signs when training a dog?


Once you understand how these signs walk as an owner, you must give your dog the same sense of trust and peace. Remember that your dog sees you as a herd of beta females or alpha males. They expect you to act like them.


Animals understand body language because they communicate in this way. So the calming signs in training should be in a way that your dog understands.


Your dog perceives everything especially with its smell, auditory and visual senses. In addition, it can distinguish small details, insignificant signs and even a slight change in your behavior or tone.


One thing you should remember is that you don’t have to shout to get your dog to do something. You should neither be nervous nor talk much. Calming signs during training is one of the best and most effective strategies.


Depending on race or age, a dog can understand more than 30 sedative signs in life. This “physical vocabulary”; insecurity, fear, calmness, peace, conflict, friendship, acting, happiness, agreement and so on. allows to express many emotions.


köpeğini okşayan adam


Dogs can get along very well with animals they live with and have never seen before. But the real problem is that they use this language against people… because we don’t understand!


Misinterpreting these signs leads to the inability to train our dog correctly and to reduce our chances of getting good results. Although these signs are the same for most dogs, you should note how your own dog reacts to these stimuli.


When you talk to your dog in an aggressive tone , he may yawn, lick his nose, miss his gaze or cover his face with his front paws. With these signs, you must calm down . Likewise, he will do anything to convince you and make peace.


Of course, this does not mean that you should not correct or command your dog’s misbehavior. However, it is very important to understand your dog’s language. It is inevitable that you will encounter calming signals during training. So do your best to learn these signs!









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