Can dogs be left-handed?


As in humans, dogs have left-handedness or right-handedness and this affects their character. Knowing whether your dog is left-handed or right-handed is extremely important to fully understand and live together more comfortably.


The predominant paws of dogs affect , even the guide dog or the work they can do in the style of police dogs. Depending on which direction is dominant the training process becomes difficult or easier for them. But before you think about all this, you must identify your dog’s dominant paw. So how do you do that?


How do I know if my dog ​​is left-handed or right-handed?


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There are certain dogs that use the left paw more comfortably. Even the left-handed rate of dogs is around 50%. It is important to know whether your dog is left-handed or right-handed, because the dominant paw has an impact on the character. The dominant paw is not a randomly determined situation or sitting with learning later.


Like humans, dogs are born left-handed or right-handed. Being left-handed may prevent your dog from doing some activities or prevent you from developing certain skills.


Are left-handed dogs more aggressive?

 Differences were observed between left-handed and right-handed dogs level of aggression . For this reason, a group of scientists conducted various investigations to find out whether left-handed dogs were more aggressive than right-handed dogs.

In order to achieve results, they put 73 dogs into the Dog Behavior Assessment and Research Questionnaire. Through this test, the behavior of all dogs was analyzed in detail.


Test results showed that left-handed dogs tend to be more aggressive than right-handed dogs . These results do not mean that all left-handed dogs will be aggressive, but there is still debate after the research. Many dog ​​instructors said they disagreed with the results. Of course, it is not possible to please everyone.


How can I tell if my dog ​​is left-handed?


How do you detect your dog’s dominant paw? It looks a bit complicated but is actually quite simple.


Give your dog a Kong-like toy and look at which paw you first use. Of course, he may have used his left paw by chance. Therefore, you can repeat the same movement many times in the following days to obtain more reliable statistics.


Are left-handed dogs different from right-handed dogs?


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The ability of dogs to use one paw better than the other proved to have an impact on the skills they could develop. Left-handed dogs are more creative than right-handed dogs. If your dog is left-handed, he will be more inclined to be naughty than jumping on people.


Right-handed dogs can more easily complete various trainings, such as guide dogs. However, whether your dog is right-handed or left-handed does not change the fact that you are a friend who loves you very much and who needs your love and attention. Your dog’s dominant paw should not cause a major change in your behavior towards him.


In order to better understand each other and to understand why your dog is making some reactions, it is advantageous to know the dominant paw. However, this should not affect the relationship between you and the games you play with. If you discover that your dog is left-handed, you should keep in mind that is still the same dog.









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