Can Dogs Be Vegetarian?


It sounds strange, there are vegetarian dogs in many countries . The majority of dogs with a diet that contains only vegetables live in the US or the UK. Is it right for animals to feed in the same way as their owners? In our article we will look for the answer to this question.

 Vegetarian owners, vegetarian dogs

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If dogs do not like the taste , they refuse to eat a certain food . By nature, cats are carnivores, but dogs are both carnivores and herbivores. Therefore, animal nutritionists argue that we should not stop feeding the animals with the nutrients they need, even though the owners prefer not to eat.


Physiologically, dogs’ teeth were made suitable for cutting and shredding other animals or meat . Dogs do not have molars because they are meant to chew vegetables. When we get to their stomachs, we see that digestive systems have a structure that can digest raw meat. In other words, there are no acids in the stomach of dogs to digest vegetables.


For any reason, people who are vegetarians can stop giving their dogs meat. In some countries where the number of people who do not eat meat increases , vegetarian or vegan dog food is also sold.


However, it can be very harmful for dogs to have a diet that does not contain certain foods, especially meat. Feeding dogs in this way is another example of humanizing . When this happens, its owners treat dogs as human beings and believe that they should have the same diet.


Some concepts of cat and dog nutrition are often confused. What matters here is not the wishes or the way of thinking of the owner of the cat or the dog, but the needs of the animal. Animal owners should not act on their own ideas without advice from people who are knowledgeable about the subject, such as veterinarians, when deciding what animals to eat or not.


What do veterinarians think about it?


Currently, there is no reliable source to prove that dogs are right or wrong to eat in accordance with vegetarianism. Maybe your dog can be fed in this way and it doesn’t adversely affect your health, but it’s still not recommended.


When choosing your dog food make sure it contains all the vitamins and other ingredients it needs . Dogs can follow a meat-free diet as long as they are supplemented with additional nutrients that do not contain raw vegetables.


It is very important that animal owners who want their dog to become a vegetarian talk to their vets first. Your veterinarian will advise you which dog food will be the healthiest for your dog and which fruits and vegetables your dog can eat. It will also determine a suitable diet for certain conditions such as pregnancy, old age and illness.


Take good care of your vegetarian dog


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Even if the owners do so, it is impossible for dogs to become vegetarians at one time. Dogs are animals that depend on their routines and any changes should be applied slowly, spreading over time. You should reduce the amount of meat over time and increase the amount of vegetables slowly.


Remember that your dog will not immediately accept meatless food . If he eats steak, chicken or turkey every day, he won’t look at the plate of carrots, spinach and zucchini in front of him.


So if you want your dog to become a vegetarian, you have to make this change step by step. Your dog will not like the new food in front of him because he doesn’t understand why you’re making a change.


Even if you don’t eat meat, you can give your dog food that contains meat. Your dog does not have to live according to your philosophy of life. However, if you still change your dog’s diet, check to see if he is more tired or sluggish the following days. Your dog’s lack of energy is a sign that he can’t get the nutrients he needs.









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