Can Dogs Become a Vegetarian?


If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you know that this is beyond the diet, a lifestyle. So you might want your dog to live the same way. However, you need to know that animals are not the same as humans and need different nutritional values. So you may want to know if your dog is a vegetarian.


You are not the only one who thinks about it. In the United Kingdom, as far as we know, there are about 50,000 and twice as many vegetarian dogs in the United States.


Is vegetarianism suitable for dogs?


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The number of vegetarian dogs is linked to the number of vegetarian owners. Because vegetarianism is a lifestyle that is committed to moral principles; therefore it is not surprising that they want their dogs to live the same way.


The most abundant vegetarians are the United States and many European countries. The number of vegetarian dogs in these countries is as high. So what exactly do people get by making a dog a vegetarian? Do they humanize them?


Is it possible to humanize a dog as a vegetarian?


Many experts argue that dog owners with ideals often force their pets to keep up with a worldview that does not match their needs. University of Madrid Complutense According to Professor Roberto Elices of the Faculty of Veterinary Science:


“Pet owners tend to incorporate their own views of life and their desires into the feeding patterns of their animals. This often causes animals to ignore their actual needs.


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Taking into consideration the recommendations of the veterinarian


Be sure to contact your vet before making your dog a vegetarian.


Experts say that vegetarianism has not yet had a positive or negative effect on dog health . They also argue that the vegetarian diet is harmless, pointing to a number of exemplary situations with no problems. Of course, this does not mean that this is the right decision for your dog.


If you want your dog to be vegetarian, you should also provide all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your health.


So, how will you know which diet is the best for your dog? As we said before, you should consult your vet. Once your veterinarian has prepared a list that is appropriate for your dog, they closely monitor your dog’s health to monitor significant negative changes.


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Can your dog be a vegetarian?


Alfonso de Las Heras, a consultant at the ANFAAC association, says that sürece as long as you complete the nutritional gaps created by a vegetable-based diet, you can apply a vegetarian diet to your dog [.


So, in short, the answer is yes. However, this depends on your dog’s health, age, and the words of your veterinarian confirming that there is no problem.


Do nothing to endanger your pet’s life. Always consult the vet and be prepared to pay extra money if necessary to ensure that your dog has a balanced diet.


Do you want your dog to be vegetarian? If you follow our advice, your dog will be stronger, healthier and happier.









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