Can you teach a cat to paw?


Cats and dogs are the most well-known and widespread animals among human pets, but at the same time these two animals are very different. While most people think that dogs can be trained very easily, cats never do anything they want. But is this really true? For example, is it possible to teach a cat to paw?


Is it possible to teach a cat to paw?


If you have a cat, if you want to have a show with your friends and have some fun with your cat, you can teach him a few tricks . And the answer is yes, it’s possible. You can teach a cat to extend his paw, among other things. Here are the steps to follow.


Get a clicker


Clicker is a small plastic device that makes a click when the button is pressed. What is this for? If used correctly, it will help your cat teach numbers and other things much faster.


The idea here is to associate a click with an award. You can, for example, ask for paws and then press the button to make a click sound. Obviously, this won’t work on the first try. You can start by holding your paws to understand what you want and reward them to motivate them.


Train when they are hungry


The rewards you use to train should generally be reward food , because this is the real way to get a pet listening closely. However, if your cat has recently eaten, it will probably not be of interest to reward food.


If you try to train your cat while he has not eaten for a while, he will be more interested in the prize. This means they will pay more attention to you and what you are trying to teach her.


They should be comfortable


Don’t just worry about when your cat eats. When you try to train it, it is very important to ensure that it is in a comfortable state. Of course, they shouldn’t be sleepy, they should just be calm and relaxed. A tense and stressed cat cannot focus, so he cannot show interest in what you want him to do.


sevilen kedi


Make short sessions


Remember that your cat is not a human being. Attention times are shorter than us. Therefore, try to train in about 5-minute sessions. If your cat has tried hard to understand you, give him a reward (but not the same reward you gave when they did what you wanted). Let your cat rest for about 10 minutes and try again.


Select a place


This is also a very important part of education. You will need an open area which is not too hot or cold and will not distract . Any sudden sound and movement can catch your cat’s attention, making the training session inefficient.


Make a connection between listening to the word and the prize


The most important of these steps. So how can you be sure that you have established a link between the clicker, the command and the prize? Hold the paw of your cat while you say the word you have chosen to command. Remember: This word should be short and preferably one word. So it’s usually a good option to choose words like “extend” or “pati”.


kedi ve ödül


While holding his paw, make a sound with a clicker and reward your cat. Then try this without holding the paw. By touching your cat’s paw a few times, you can try to remind her what you want. If he doesn’t give his paw after that, don’t award him.


Slowly, it is certainly possible to teach your cat to paw with a stable daily routine. Who said only dogs can learn the commands? Cats are just as intelligent as they are, so they are perfectly capable of learning the same things as their dog mates. How about you try it?









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