Causes of Aggression in Dogs


Animals try to defend themselves for many reasons. In this article, we will mention the most common causes of aggression in dogs .

 Causes of aggression in dogs

Some people think that some dangerous dogs in public places should wear mouthpieces, and even these animals should never be adopted. There are even laws on this issue . However, in addition to the genetic characteristics of the race, aggressiveness varies according to many factors such as education or trauma.


Dogs can attack for many reasons, whether they are a stranger, their owner, or another animal. They don’t need to be as big as Pitbull, bulldog and rottweiler. Although the results are smaller, small dogs also attack.


The main reasons for their attacks are:

 1. Health problems


Animals may become aggressive when they feel pain or become ill . They do not knowingly, but they protect themselves in this way. Furthermore, when they are not well-health , they may be focusing only on the symptoms of the disease and may not realize that people approaching them are trying to help.


2. Incomplete socialization


Socialization is very important for the emotional development of a dog. Therefore, animals that do not contact other animals are more rebellious and more prone to attack.


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Dominant dogs, fond of their territory, become aggressive when they see a stranger or someone trying to cross their inden territory ”.


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4. Food


One of the main reasons for dog attacks is food, because eating is very important for dogs. They took this behavior from wolves with distant cousins. They may growl, bark, and even attack these people while they eat, thinking that those who approach them will steal their food.


5. Maternal instinct


Some females may become aggressive when they are pregnant or after giving birth and may act according to maternal instinct to protect their offspring . This behavior occurs in most mammals.


6. Trauma caused by aggression in dogs


Stray dogs, for example, may try to bite those who approach them. This is not because they are bad or aggressive, but because they want to protect themselves from danger. Remember that they must protect themselves and fight for their food.


In addition, these dogs are often victims of violence and do not trust people. Dogs with traumatic history tend to behave in this way.


7. Phobia


They can become aggressive when it rains or thunder, fireworks explode, traveling by car, at the vet, or under any stressful situation.


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How can aggression be prevented in dogs?


Once we understand why dogs are attacking, we need to avoid these situations and even avoid all movements that will evoke a desire for self-protection in the animal.


Here are some recommendations:



  1. Do not approach the eating animal.

  3. Don’t be scared with toys around.

  5. Do not make sudden movements with their puppies.

  7. Do not try to touch the dog showing you his teeth.

  9. Stay where you are when the animal is scared.

  11. If someone else’s dog, ask for permission to touch or approach.

  13. Be cautious when approaching unfamiliar dogs, especially stray dogs.

  15. Do not try to escape when the animal enters the attack position .


Watch out for the signs that dogs give before attacking. If the animal is yours, socialize and train to respect your commands .


Remember, since you are the “leader sür of the herd, your dog must follow your commands!









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