Causes of Dog Rolling in Filth


If you have a four-legged friend who is barking, you’ve probably noticed the following: When you’re dealing with some things, you may notice that your dog returns home from a stinking grassy area with feathers in dirt. Some puddles may have been rounded in faeces or animal remains . In this article you will learn the reasons why dogs roll in dirt.

 Dogs rubbing on smelly things: normal dog behavior

köpeğinin yüzünden tutan sahip


This behavior is completely normal for dogs and is natural . The fact that you find this disgusting is not his problem, it’s your problem. So you shouldn’t punish him.


You should always keep in mind that your pet is a dog, not a human being. These species are different from each other. Therefore, you should not be tempted to humanize them. You should not bother to think that you will see things as you see them.


Your dog will not hold a grudge against you for some behavior that may seem strange to him. This includes things like using a strong, odor-smelling perfume or cologne. Then why do you hold a grudge against him for what he loves?


If your dog rubs on what most people think is dirty, don’t worry, because this is completely normal behavior. So instead of scolding him, try to understand the reasons for this behavior.


To understand dogs, you must look at their ancestors, wolves.


According to animal behavior experts, there are several reasons why animals roll in the filth.


First and foremost, you must remember that dogs are descended from wolves. Some dogs may not look like wolves, but they still carry the genetic remains of their ancestors. For example, hunting instincts.


A domestic dog does not have to hunt for food. But there are still some behaviors associated with hunting. This includes taking prisoners. They can be a ball, a kitten or a little bird.


Genetic history, one of the reasons dogs roll in filth


This hunting instinct was also inherited from wolves. Your dog will rub against places full of garbage, mud and other disgusting things.


This is because not all good hunters need to be noticed. Therefore, is less likely to be detected by a possible prey if it conceals its odor.


The best way that wolves – and their beloved pets, their descendants – to find good prey is to cover themselves with stronger odors.


In addition, getting rid of their odor helps protect them from potential predators.


Other reasons for dogs rolling in filth


Wolves also tend to rub against some places and things to leave a message for the rest of the flock. They do this with the smell they cover themselves. For example:



  • They found an area.

  • A warning.

  • A discovery.


However, rubbing against something can also have a different meaning. There may be a way to mark their territory. Ultimately, animals are fragrance glands. So they don’t just smell other smells. They also leave their scents as a kind of signal. He says: “I came first.”


These wolf-like behaviors are also seen in dogs.


People are also responsible for rubbing our dogs in dirty places


plajda oturan köpek


Beyond their genetic background, people can contribute to the rolling behavior of pets in filth . This is because people try to humanize their pets.


For example, if this behavior upset you, your dog will upset you more if he does it right after you bathe and perfume him.


It may be difficult to accept, but bathing your dog is the main reason he starts running into filth. Soaps and shampoos that you use to clean your precious dog may smell good to you. But these can be very uncomfortable for your dog.


So be patient. Don’t be angry with your four-legged friend. Try to understand him next time. And at least give him a shampoo that he can tolerate. This way, you won’t have to look for better odors to roll in.


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