Causes of Dogs Eating Grass


Have you ever thought about why dogs eat grass? The first answers that come to mind are leri they want to purify their intestines ”or ğı stomach aches”. However, the reasons for dogs eating grass are not limited to these. Read our article for details!

 Reasons for Dogs Eating Grass

This behavior is often encountered when you walk with your dog or release your dog into the garden. Suddenly your dog starts eating grass as if he was starving to death . But there’s nothing to worry about because that doesn’t mean that your dog is going nuts. Don’t worry, this movement doesn’t change your dog’s essence or any of its settings.


Remember that wolves, the ancestors of dogs, occasionally eat grass and plants. This also applies to hunters and felines. Therefore, Dogs have inherited this century-old behavior.


Although we do not always understand why dogs eat grass, there are some “hypotheses it that lead dogs to this behavior.



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1. Cleaning the intestines


This general assumption about eating grass is true! When dogs suffer from abdominal pain, eat too much, or eat bad food, the first thing they will do is eat grass to relieve their stomach.


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Eating grass will reduce discomfort caused by stomach or intestinal problems. It is precisely for this reason that we may see that the same animal , though not always so, vomited or diarrhea. In other cases, the faeces of the animal are not affected. Instead, a large saliva, grass and grass-like substances vomit.


2. When the feeding pattern changes


Dogs generally do not have problems with the food they eat; they can eat the same food for the rest of their lives without getting bored. However, they occasionally want to try new flavors.


Dogs consume vegetables and some fruits because they see it as good food and want to taste it. However, dogs prefer to eat from their favorite area instead of eating any grass they find on the road .


For example, sprouts, long grass, dark grass and so on. They can consume. Every dog ​​has its own food selection!


3. When they want to suppress their hunger


Some people feed their dogs only in the morning and in the evening. For the rest of the time, these dogs feel appetite. They also benefit from this opportunity when grass is the only option! Fiber-rich lawns also have a satisfying effect.


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This does not mean that dogs follow a diet or anything else. However, they know that they can eat the grass and fill their bellies by dinner time.


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4. Places grass as reinforcements


As mentioned earlier, dogs can eat grass to meet their nutritional needs. Give your dog the best food in the world as much as you want; if he thinks he needs a nutrient, he will look for ways to find it in nature.


Grass contains vitamins and minerals that a dog’s daily food cannot provide. Ask the vet what dog food is best suited for your dog’s needs (eg a Poodle Napoli Mastifi diet is different). As long as you follow what the veterinarian says, you can supplement your dog’s diet with “human” foods.


As a result, it is not harmful for dogs to eat grass for walks or in the garden, whatever the reason. Remember, an animal’s instincts are reliable; your dog knows what he is doing. Therefore, do not prohibit your dog from eating grass unless it is poisonous or medicated!









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