Changing Dog Food: How To?


You may need to change your dog’s food periodically for various reasons. For any reason, such as diversifying the dog’s health, diet or food, changing the food in dogs can be accomplished by a very simple procedure.


Changing Dog Food: Types of Dog Food


Dog food comes in different forms and flavors for every type of character that the animal possesses. At the same time, these foods are divided into different life stages according to the nutritional requirements of the animal.


It is necessary to prevent a dog from getting bored with the same taste , or to change its food from time to time, from adulthood to adulthood or from adulthood to old age, albeit occasionally.


Changing the food in dogs The process can be quite simple or very tedious; in fact, it depends a lot on your dog’s character traits. Your dog may or may not like a particular brand of dog food and if he does not like to change his food, he can protest by not eating any food.


Therefore, pet owners may have some problems making this change. However, you don’t have to worry, because by reading this article you will learn good tips on how to properly manage the process of changing food in dogs . Continue reading!


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The Way to Change the Food of a Dog


The process of changing food in dogs is very simple and can take from one to two weeks. The technique to be applied consists of the gradual mixing of the new food into the old food. This process will help your pet get used to the new taste.



  • During the first two days, 25% of the new food and the rest of the old food mix the food together.

  • On the third and fourth day, give your dog by mixing half a portion of each formula.

  • On the fourth and fifth day, the mixture should make up 75% of the new food and only 25% of the old food .

  • Finally, on the seventh day, all the food you give to the dog should be the new food.


Depending on your dog’s condition, this may take up to three weeks. If you suspect this will happen, you should make the change you make when mixing new food with old food less sudden:



  • In the first two days, you need to prepare a mixture of 10% of the new food and 90% of the existing food .

  • On the third and fourth day, the new formula should increase to 20% and the current formula should decrease to 80%.

  • During the fifth and sixth day, you should take 30% of the new food and 70% of the existing food, and mix these two formulas and give them to your dog.

  • On the seventh and eighth days, 40% of the new food and 60% of the previous food should be mixed and given to the animal.

  • Between the ninth and tenth days, the mixture should consist of 50% of each feed.


Continue this process to allow your dog to accept new food by day 20. Gradually increase the percentage so that there is no sudden change in dog feeding.


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Why Should Food Replacement in Dogs Be Done This Way?


Every dog’s metabolism is different. Therefore, in order to prevent the dog from reacting negatively or to damage a component in the new food , you must gradually add this food to the diet.


This is also a convenient way for your dog to taste the new flavor while adapting to the new food without complaining or at least not complaining .


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When it comes to putting medicine in your dog’s food, you can follow the same method. Let your pet get used to the new taste and know that an extra ingredient has been added to his meal.


If this new food you have had adverse side effects, such as irritation or diarrhea, on the dog , you should take the animal immediately to the vet. Some components of the new formula are very likely to harm your pet.


In addition, lowering the quality of food is not recommended. Usually, the cheapest foods are processed with vegetable proteins that damage your dog’s digestive tract . At the same time, the quality and taste of these inexpensive foods can be very different from the ones available, and if this is the case, your dog will not like it.


Also keep in mind…


Since dog food is usually dry, your pet may be thirsty while eating. Be sure to keep the animal’s water container near the food container to prevent your dog from drowning.


If you are switching from organic food to dog food, will be the same procedure. Before you give your dog food, you need to soak the food a little bit, because soaked dry food will look more like the texture of organic food.









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