Claim a Puppy? Remember, they are not human beings!


Adopting a puppy is the biggest decision you can make in your life. This is also one of the decisions that will give you great satisfaction. Nevertheless, once you decide to adopt a puppy, you must know how to treat it. Remember, he’s not human.


Some people believe that treating an animal the way it treats human is a way of showing love. In fact, treating a dog the way you treat people is a form of abuse. You can read the reasons below.


Remember, if you own a dog, they are not human beings.


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Although dogs resemble humans in some ways, you should remember that they are animals with specific needs . That doesn’t mean we need to love dogs less or be insensitive to them. It just means that every living thing has a different location.


The greatest similarity of dogs to humans is the need to feel that they are in relationship, that they love and that they love them. They are also social and emotional creatures. However, there are great differences from people. Because they cannot distinguish flavors , feeding them with human food is more harmful than you think.


They are not human, so don’t treat them like human


Treating a dog like a human would do more harm than good. The reasons are;



  • Dogs need a leader : Dogs are herd animals. Therefore they need to be led by a leader. If you treat a dog as your equal, he will feel lost and take on the role of a leader even though he does not. This will lead to a conflict of leadership with the owner. In such a case, it would harm the need to feel loved, which is the most important thing for a dog.



  • They lose their identity: A humanized dog (treated as a human being) may experience identity and personality problems. She won’t want to be with other dogs, she’il cling to her owner as if her life depended on her. The dog will not be able to develop his / her personality and will have a low self-esteem. He will have problems communicating with other dogs and people who are not interested in him.



  • They become inconsistent : Socialization with other animals and humans is an important part of the development and consistency of a dog. If an animal lacks socialization, it may in some cases make strange or inappropriate reactions.


B Other facts about how to treat a dog



  • Change will scare them : If you went on vacation for a few days, a humanized dog will give negative reactions. It will depend on you so much that it looks as though you were raising it in a balloon. Outside the balloon (in your absence) your dog will be in need of help and will not know how to survive . Even if you leave her to a friend, someone who knows her or a dog hotel, she won’t notice. If your dog is a humanized dog, it will not be able to adapt to this new situation.


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As we said before, these warnings don’t mean stop loving your dog, or even vice versa. You should only remember that your puppy is not a human being and you should not treat him as a person. In this case, your home provides them a peaceful and happy environment.


You should not raise your puppy like a human, treat him like a human. When your dog is still small, you should raise it like a dog that has a strong character and personality and can adapt to you and the circumstances. In short, you should not prevent it from being a dog, as it really is.









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