Coping with your dog's aggression


Dealing with your dog’s aggression is a challenge for you, especially if you haven’t experienced this behavior before. In fact, such situations can become a terrible situation as there is a risk of injury when trying to calm the animal.


However, the reasons why animals behave in this way may vary. Therefore, your dog’s aggression may have more than one solution, but the degree of difficulty varies with the dog. First of all, let’s talk about aggression .

 Aggression in dogs

Aggression is an instinctive response of animals to certain situations or stimuli. These stimuli do not always appear in the event of danger or due to the attack of another animal. Normally, this is the reaction to panic or pain.


That is, dogs do not exhibit aggressive behavior to intentionally damage their environment, rather they show an instinctive response. It is normal for them to react violently when they are injured because they cannot make sense of why they feel bad or have pain.


However, the only cause of aggression is not pain. Sometimes behavioral disorders caused by lack of education can also cause this. In order to be able to cure, it is necessary to know the signs of aggression and understand why they occur.


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 Causes of aggression in dogs

There are many reasons why a dog is aggressive. Many of their reactions are due to primitive instincts from their wild ancestors. We have previously shown pain as a rationale for aggression, but disease can also cause aggression.


Dermatitis or oral diseases are the main triggers of aggression ; the animal feels an intense itching on the body or bloating in the mouth.


The animal cannot understand what is happening to its body, so it reacts with fear and pain. In addition, may also react to protect his family. This is common, for example, in newly born female dogs.


Maternal instinct is a major force affecting the animal kingdom, including dogs. A mother can do anything for the good of her offspring, including giving her own life. Therefore, aggression is a defense mechanism.



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Another reason for the aggression of dogs is the protection of their region. You’ve probably heard how aggressive the guard dogs can be in protecting their territory. Therefore, you must introduce yourself well to a dog that does not know you well.


In addition, dogs can attack when they are divided while eating . The reason for this behavior is the effort to prevent other scavengers from stealing their food. Therefore, to cope with your dog’s aggression, you must first understand the reason for your behavior.


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How can you deal with your dog’s aggression?


You can deal with your dog’s aggression in many ways. This requires patience and confidence .


Before using the methods we recommend below, contact your vet to ensure that your dog has no illness.



  • Don’t hurt yourself with punishment: pain causes aggression, so it is very important that you do not hurt your dog. Give lighter punishment or scold instead of using force.

  • Also don’t make hand jokes: It’s very fun to play with our dog, and it can infect your dog. Sometimes he can get caught up in the game and bite your hand.

  • Understand your dog’s personality: dominant character dogs can be very aggressive when trying to outmaneuver others. As an owner and trainer, you must teach your dog the chain of command and that you are dominant.

  • Do not disturb your dog while eating and playing: Taking your food or favorite toys out of hand may annoy your dog. Keep in mind that this is due to the need to protect their own, rather than being annoying.

  • Spay your dog: Most behavior problems can be solved by neutering. The sterilization process will tame them and have a long lasting effect on their health.









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