Correcting Your Cat's Bad Behavior


It is common to hear that people complain about their cat’s bad behavior. Maybe the cat is climbing everywhere, destroying the curtains or trying to escape from the house. If you want to train a cat, will require patience and dedication, and it is entirely possible to correct your cat’s misbehavior. The tips below are great to help you retrain your cat.


Causes and remedies of your cat’s bad behavior


Cats misbehave in different ways, and bad behavior is triggered for multiple different reasons. Therefore, you should pay close attention to any changes in your cat’s behavior to prevent them from developing further behavioral problems in the future.


Here are some common reasons that may be responsible for your cat’s misbehavior.


Pathological Origin


Some conditions may cause pain or damage your cat’s sensory functions. Your cat may develop defensive behaviors or new habits because she feels vulnerable or weak . This tends to be more common in older cats, but may be of any age.


If your cat begins to hide too much, is more aggressive or exhibits unusual behavior, it is important that you take him directly to the vet . The veterinarian will be able to assess your cat’s health and eliminate the causes of bad behavior.


Your cat will need to receive the right preventive medical care to correct bad behavior and also to be healthy . Therefore, it is very important to take her to the vet every six months, to be up to date on vaccines and parasitic medicines and to provide her with a quality diet.

 Lack of education or socialization

Like humans, cats learn most of their habits during infancy. This is because their personalities are more easily affected in the first months of life; this helps them learn better. If you want to have a well-educated and obedient cat, you should spend time training and socializing at an early age.


yavru kedi çiş eğitimi


The first step in preventing maltreatment in an adult cat is not to ignore maltreatment when it is a puppy. For example, if you do not want your cat to jump on the sofa or bed, you should not allow it to do so when you are a kitten. If you let a kitten do things just because he’s cute, he learns bad habits.


When a cat learns that certain behavior is allowed, he cannot understand why he is not allowed to do so at once. Therefore, it is best to start training a cat as soon as he enters a new house .

 Inactivity and lack of stimulation
 Domestication provided cats with some advantages, such as less exposure to predators and more easily obtaining their food.

However, a life at home also means less physical exercise on a daily basis . Find prey and drop your exercise levels without having to hunt.


Lack of physical and mental stimulation can cause many cats to develop stress or boredom symptoms , which can lead to bad behavior and even more aggression.


If you want to prevent your cat from being naughty, you need to pay particular attention to your home and create a very stimulating environment for your cat.


In order to make your home a richer environment for your cat, it is important that you buy toys, scratching boards and things that will activate your body and mind. Today, there are mazes and entertainment centers that provide everything from exercise for cats to relaxing massages.


kedi çimi yiyen kediler

  You can also provide stimuli to your cat that stimulate their senses. For example, valerian is an excellent option to stimulate the senses of receiving odor . Videos and interactive games can be good for hearing and vision. By combining all these stimuli, you become an active, healthy and calm cat.
 Use positive reinforcement

Traditional training methods are not good for training cats. In reality, they are not so useful to animals because they rely on revealing negative emotions, such as fear or insecurity. Cats will not bow to people who act irrationally or use violent methods.


Positive reinforcement is the safest and most effective way to train an animal and correct your cat’s behavior . When training your cat, remember to give him a reward to reinforce his good behavior and to encourage learning. They don’t just have to be biscuits. Can be toys, raves, a caress or delicious homemade dishes.

 Avoid scolding her

It is not a good idea to scold your cat for correcting his bad behavior. By rebuking it, you only increase stress levels and produce negative emotions.


To indicate bad behavior, you should say “no sadece only in a clear but calm tone . Describe good behavior for one time, give him a nice reward.









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