Cow's Milk Is Not Suitable For Puppies


We are all familiar with photographs where kittens or dogs drink milk from a captain. However, cow’s milk does not meet their nutritional needs.


In this article, you will learn how cow’s milk and its derivatives can affect the health of a pet. However, if you still want to give your pet milk, you should choose the most appropriate option.


Can dogs drink cow’s milk? What about cats?


Most pet owners wonder if they can give milk to their furry friend. They worry about whether it is healthy or damages the digestive system.


Recall that lactose has not been mentioned with good news so far. Therefore, in order to answer whether cow’s milk is good for puppies and cats, we need to understand the needs of the developing bodies of animals.


The nutritional needs of a newborn dog are different than that of an adult or weaned dog. The same applies to cats and other mammals. During breastfeeding , the nutrient that meets all the needs of the offspring is breast milk.


Kittens and dogs produce plenty of enzymes called az lactase için to meet their needs at this stage in their lives. The main purpose of this enzyme is to digest the lactose molecules found in breast milk.


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However, lactase production is reduced when the puppy is weaned. The weaning period is a transitional phase of all mammals in their infancy . During this period, they stop consuming breast milk and turn to other nutrients.


This is one of the most important changes necessary for the preparation and independent nutrition of our little friends for adult life.

 Lactose intolerance in cats and dogs

After a puppy is weaned, his body minimizes lactase production or in some cases stops production. This indicates that their bodies are ready to stop consuming breast milk and consume other foods.


As these changes depend on the development of your pet, you should not suddenly change the way your puppy / cat feeds.


At this stage, lactose is also difficult to digest because the bodies produce small amounts of lactase. Therefore, weaned cats and dogs develop lactose intolerance .


For all of the above reasons, cow’s milk or other mammal’s milk to consume diarrhea, vomiting, allergies, and so on. can cause serious digestive system problems.


When feeding your pet, you should always consider your pet’s physical needs and limits . You should seek professional help from your vet to offer your friend a complete and balanced diet .


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Can I give cow milk to the baby fed with breast milk?


Keep in mind that cow’s milk has different components than that of dog or cat’s milk. Thus, the high amount of lactase produced by puppies may cause trouble in the digestion of cow’s milk.


In addition, it is important that the offspring be with their mother during the first months ; they should be able to eat properly and develop their physical and cognitive abilities.


They were the first to introduce the world to their offspring in a safe way. Mothers also teach their offspring how to survive alone and how to interact with their environment.


Before adopting a new pet , note that it is completely weaned. If you separate a young from her mother too early , the young will have difficulty in learning and socializing. They are also vulnerable to numerous diseases because their immune systems are weak.


If, for any reason, you have adopted a breastfeeding pup, try to find an animal that can be a “milk mother”. If the mother cannot find a cat or dog, you can prepare baby food.


You can purchase ready-to-eat powder food from veterinarians or pet stores. Or you can prepare a food from cow or goat milk that contains little lactose at home.









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