Criminal Collars Cause Behavior Problems


For a long time, strangulation or shock collars have been seen as effective tools to improve dog behavior. However, we have also seen that, over time, ‘corrected’ dogs with various collar collars have not healed. These dogs develop new behavioral problems instead of healing.


What are the penal collars?


The punishment collar is a type of training collar. These leashes are attached to the dog and disturb them when they behave badly.


Electric collars vibrate when the owner of the dog presses a button or give an electric shock to the dog. Or these leashes can also be set to be activated only by the vibration that occurs around your neck when your dog barks.


Choking leashes use metal or plastic nails that stick to your dog’s neck when the leash is pulled . These leashes will also tighten your neck when you pull the leash to correct your dog’s behavior. On the other hand, choking collars are moving leashes that can be squeezed continuously around your dog’s neck.

 These collars have been used in dog training for many years. It was thought that they were effective for a while and that dogs trained with criminal leashes learned to behave better. However, these collars were not only ineffective, but also caused new problems.

ceza tasması olan köpek


In fact, there are still many dog ​​trainers who use such collars. However, these collars are illegal in some places . This includes many European countries and many other places in the world . In the United States, these laws apply in certain states.


Why do dogs use punishment collars


There are many reasons why a dog owner has to use a punishment collar for his dogs. Normally, this is the result of bad advice given by someone who is not a professional dog trainer , such as a neighbor with large dogs . This bad advice may also come from a veterinarian who seeks the opportunity to sell new leashes.


Generally, dog owners who use punishment collars use these collars to correct a behavioral problem of their dog. For example, pulling leashes, being aggressive or being very energetic on the street.


However, criminal collars are not a solution to behavioral problems. At best, they hide the first problem. In other words, the dog only learns how to behave to avoid disturbing things such as an electric shock or thorns sinking around his neck.


This behavior does not solve the problem, it only hides . The day when the owner removes the collar or increases the pain experienced by the dog is the day when the behavior will reappear. To correct a behavior problem, you must descend to its origin. And the solution can never be a leash.


Behavioral problems that arise when you use punishment collar


Training collars are not a solution to eliminate when a dog misbehaves , instead they exacerbate the behavior of the dog or cause new problems.


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Often, a dog’s bad behavior indicates that the dog has a problem in their daily life. For example, they may be experiencing stress, fear or pain. For example, dogs with high stress are normal for excessive barking. In these cases, a bark control collar does not solve the problem. It just stops barking. However, the problem that caused barking in the first place still persists.


Eliminating the symptoms of a major problem is not a solution, it is a temporary bandage. If your dog is upset and you do not correct the problem that caused it, symptoms will occur in other ways. For example, instead of barking they can damage household items.


Furthermore, constantly exposing your dog to unpleasant situations can cause behavioral problems that they did not have before. This is in line with the code of conduct and Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory.


For example, a dog owner may wear a choke collar on his dog to stop pulling the collar . However, the dog will suffer or become uncomfortable when they are on the street. Likewise, the same thing happens when someone on a bike approaches, another dog comes to say “hello,, is a sound and is surprised and so on.


The dog, each of these conditions in his head; he begins to associate it with the pain he feels inconsistently. Over time, a dog he doesn’t recognize starts to feel pain every time he approaches. Therefore, he does his best to stay away from other dogs so that his collar is not bored.


As a result of this basic learning mechanism dogs, other dogs, children, cyclists, garbage trucks and so on. will become aggressive against. It is impossible to know how their brains relate to these things.


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Fear and stress are common feelings seen in dogs with collar collars. These two emotions cause almost all the behavior problems that owners do not want: aggression, excessive barking , leash pulling, not being able to behave well around other dogs, damaging things around the house, and so on.


Alternatives to the collar of the collar

 Fortunately, in recent years animal psychology and dog training have developed. Properly trained instructors and families who want to teach their dogs the right way, are already using many other methods and tools to correct their dog’s behavioral problems. They also do not need to resort to fear or pain to train their dogs.

The only effective way to correct a dog’s behavioral problems is to reach the root of the problem. This way you do not use temporary bandages, and changes in your dog’s behavior will last longer.


Veterinary studies have found that dogs using punitive collars experience 55% more stress than other dogs . Such training collars create fear. And so it raises many other behavioral problems.








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