Do not let your dog starve


Anyone who owns and takes responsibility for taking care of them is concerned, among other things, about their proper nutrition. However, especially if you have dogs in , you may have difficulty understanding when they are hungry.


Why doesn’t my dog ​​ever get enough?


In many cases, our furry friends are like bottomless barrels. They always want to eat more and they also beg to take a bite from everything we eat.


But could my dog ​​really be that hungry? Leaving aside his health problems, we can tell him that if you give him the right amount of food, he will be saturated, taking into account the general characteristics of your dog.


mama kabı ve köpek


So, why is your dog constantly begging for food? Well, the answer lies partly in its nature.


The question of survival


As it is known, your pet’s ancestor is a wolf. These animals obtain their food by hunting. Survival instincts tell them to eat whatever their claw can take, as this doesn’t mean they can get enough food every day. After all, they may not succeed in their next hunt and will not be able to eat for several days.


This behavior, which is seen even today in your pet, has lasted for centuries . If he doesn’t even want to eat his food, a voice tells him to fill his stomach because it can take too much time until the next meal.


So if your dog keeps looking at you, mı Is there anything else to eat? [, try not to be fooled by the sweet puppy gaze. If you are giving the right amount of food, continue to do so and do not exceed this size. Otherwise not only becomes obese , but also his health deteriorates.


Different feeding for each dog


Go to a vet to know if you’re giving your dog enough food and to make sure that you meet all of your nutritional needs. The veterinarian will tell you about the most appropriate feeding method for your dog in the following periods :


     Race or size

  • Weight
  •  Health status
     Activity level


Calculate the daily amount of food your dog needs


Then, it is important to calculate the amount of food your dog needs daily. Then divide this amount by the number of intervals you feed it throughout the day. This way, you can make sure you eat what you need to eat to stay healthy and strong.


If you are a very busy person and you spend most of the day outside the home, or if your home hours are not standard, you may be worried because sometimes you cannot be at home every day at meal times.


Since dogs love being programmed, it is possible that if you come home late, your dog is getting hungry. If this applies to you, there is a solution. Something that won’t change the dog’s routine, but it’s gonna keep him from getting hungry. Obtain a special machine that can deliver the right amount of food only when you program it.


mama kabını taşıyan yavru köpek


If you take care of her good feed, your dog will certainly not starve


So don’t worry. If you give your furry friend the right amount of quality dog ​​food according to his size, he won’t starve. You may still begging for food, but there’s no reason to worry.


The same applies if you feed your dog with homemade food. In this case, you should consult with a person who specializes in animal nutrition to make sure you give him all the nutrients he needs.









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