Does your dog eat too much? Ways to Prevent This


Gluttony and greed are two fatal errors for domestic animals . If your pet tries to swallow everything it reaches, it will have an insatiable appetite and it can eat nonstop, then you must be careful… Because you may get sick! However, remember that a dog with the right feeding habit is a healthy and strong pet. In this article we will tell you how to prevent your dog from eating too much.


My dog ​​eats too much food: why?


There are some dogs who can never satisfy their hunger and want their plate always full . While the owners eat lunch or dinner, they walk up and down and wait for something to fall to the ground. Or, the owners will beg and cry to share with them a bit of what they eat.


obur köpekler


Veterinarians state that gluttony is not congenital, but rather because of its nutritional habits. That is, it means that it will vary from the moment you are a pup to how it is raised; the animal determines how the rest of his life will be. The main reason for this is that family members m pamper vererek them by giving them food at different times or give them their own food.


In contrast, if the dog is not playing enough games or being taken out for a walk, he will give himself to eat for the satisfaction of his accumulated energy.


Don’t forget to take her to the vet to see if the reason for her eating too much is from a possible illness. In this case, the two most common diseases are insulin-dependent diabetes or hormonal changes.


My dog ​​is eating too much… and it’s fast!


Another common problem in animals is that they stop eating food without stopping and breathing. This is really bad for them. Swallowing without chewing is an instinctive behavior from ancestors and wolves with close relatives. Eating fast in this way can cause bowel problems.


The faster he eats, the less he chews. The bad thing is that the meat or chicken bones you put on the plate with the dog food may cause the animal to suffocate or stick to the throat of the food. It can also cause stomach problems, belching and gas problems as it swallows air.


However, undoubtedly, the main risk of eating fast food without chewing is stomach torsion. This common illness should be treated urgently because it can lead the dog to death quickly. The mortality rate due to this disease is very high. Symptoms can be listed as a swollen abdomen, bowing, insensitivity, and vomiting.

 Tips for preventing your dog from eating too much (or fast)

 The term vacuum cleaner is a very common term for pets. Almost every family has one vacuum cleaner. Note the following tips that will prevent your dog from eating so much:
 Feed with small portions several times a day

They recommend dividing a large serving meal into at least two small pieces. Thus, they can digest food better and do not have to starve for an extended period with an empty stomach. In this way, the animal will be less hungry and will not finish whatever is on the plate.


Turn the plate over and place it


This is not a magic scam or anything like that. Rather, as the plate has a different shape, there will be some indentations and the dog will need to scramble and make some effort to finish the food inside the plate. In addition, there are products called “ingenious games an that are sold on the market to better perform this function.

 Use refillable toys

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Some specialty stores sell toys in which you can put dog food or homemade food. They are made of rubber. While your dog is playing, will also allow him to use his hunting skills to search for food.


Finally, If you have more than one dog, we recommend that you feed them separately. Otherwise, dogs become more stressed to finish their food and feel under pressure . If there is another animal nearby, they think they have been attacked or threatened and therefore eat faster . If your dog eats too much food, you can avoid this problem by following these steps.









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