Dog Ice Cream You Can Make At Home


When temperatures rise and the weather is overwhelming cold and delicious homemade dog ice cream will be a healthy option for your dog. Dogs love this refreshing dessert that has some benefits to their bodies.


So, how can you make this calorie, delicious food refreshing and healthy? This is a question that all dog owners are curious about.


Animals should not forget that people should not eat the same ice cream . The ice cream consumed by humans has harmful ingredients such as lactose, excess sugar and chocolate . If you give your dog ice cream, it may cause nausea, gas pains, vomiting and diarrhea.

 Vegetable yogurt: a common material

Most of the ice cream recipes for dogs use vegetable yogurt as the main ingredient. In addition, soy milk or coconut milk is often preferred among the main ingredients, but we have other options.


köpekler için dondurma


Sometimes it can grow in your eyes to prepare dog ice cream . As a quick alternative, you can keep sugar-free vegetable yogurt in the freezer for two hours. Add equal amount of water in vegetable yoghurt and mix it and freeze in the refrigerator.


Add melon, watermelon or mango in herbal yogurt and mash it with your mixer. Before pouring the vegetable yogurt into a container, you can add apples, strawberries or peaches into it, then put the container in the freezer. You can mix all the fruits and make ice cream, but if you make each fruit as a different ice cream, you can tell which fruit is the problem when your dog doesn’t like it.

 Delicious homemade banana ice cream

A slightly more flashy option is nutritious banana ice cream with peanut butter and yogurt.


Mash one or more bananas. For each banana you use, mix a tablespoon of peanut butter and yogurt until you get consistency.


Then put this mixture in the refrigerator but do not leave it for too long. Because the main thing is to cool down without losing its creamy consistency. You can put a small piece of a complete banana in the ice cream.


Dog ice cream


All the recipes we have shared so far are of the type that dogs can share with their owners . However, our next recipe is only but only for dogs: ice cream with cookies.


Add cookie pieces on top of vegetable yogurt and freeze this mixture. If you want the ice cream to have a creamy consistency, remove the ice cream from the freezer every two hours.


Crush the mixture with a mixer or any cooking utensil, mix well together and put in the freezer again.


Pet owners should remember that most industrial products for human consumption are not suitable for pets. Make sure that what you feed your dog comes from specialty stores or recipes designed for dogs.

 Salted ice cream


All the recipes we have prepared for the best friend of the people do not contain only vegetable yogurt. Often, dog ice cream is not as sweet as human ice cream or may not have added sugar. Here is a traditional salty dessert recipe regularly prepared by dog ​​owners: chicken ice cream.


To prepare a salted dog ice cream, first take the water of the boiled chicken and throw chicken pieces into it (boneless). Put the mixture in the refrigerator and let it stand for several hours before serving it to your dog.


köpek dondurması


As an extra reward, you can add pieces of low-salt ham or sausage on top.

 Tips for preparing ice cream for your dog at home

Too low or too high temperatures can cause adverse effects on the digestive tract of dogs . To avoid complications, do not give your dog ice cream in large portions and allow your dog to taste it little by little without lowering the dessert to the stomach in one go.


A handy tip: Use ice molds to prepare small portions for your dog, so it won’t quickly consume ice cream.


If you don’t want to serve ice cream to your dog too cold, you can leave the ice cream on the bench for 10-15 minutes. Just like the ice creams that people eat, a little warming will bring it to a creamy consistency.


In some of these recipes, you may use soy milk, rice, oatmeal or similar products instead of vegetable yogurt .









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