Dog Mouthpiece Types


Wearing our dog’s mouthpiece is not the case for us animal lovers. Unfortunately, some dogs need to wear a dog muzzle for safety or legal reasons.


So, if you need to put a muzzle on your dog, which type should you choose? Is there a kind of dog muzzle that your dog will be more comfortable wearing? In order to answer your questions, we’ve compiled a list of different dog mouthpieces.


Using the Mouthpiece


The majority of dogs do not need to use mouthpieces, but there are some dogs that are required to wear every day. In some countries, dogs that are believed to be dangerous are required by law to wear a mouthpiece. Aggressive dogs may receive training in this subject and wear a mouthpiece as a precaution until their dangerous behavior is filed.


Dogs generally don’t like to wear a muzzle. The dog to use the mouthpiece must be accustomed to the situation before going to the street , just as when wearing a leash. Dogs that have not been accustomed to before can experience insecurity and match the muzzle to fear.


ağızlık çeşitleri


There are many different types of mouthpieces you can find in the Petshop :


Cloth Mouthpiece


This type of mouthpiece is attached to the back of the ears and wraps around your dog’s mouth like a fabric pipe but leaves your nose exposed. Petshop is easily available and the price is generally affordable. It wears out quickly, but it is not very costly to replace it.


However, it is not the best type of mouthpiece. The fabric mouthpiece prevents the dog from opening its mouth; this prevents the mouth from opening and breathing fast when it gets hot. This can be harmful, especially in the summer months because dogs cannot sweat and maintain body heat balance with fast breaths. The fabric mouthpiece also prevents them from licking and smelling properly.


Basket Mouthpiece


This mouthpiece is also tied behind the ears and closes the dog’s mouth in a hard plastic or metal cage. In essence, although they all have the same structure, you can find many different colors and shapes.

 Dogs using basket mouthpieces can open their mouths for quick breathing. However, the presence of a hole to smell depends on the model you choose. Very few models have a hole in the front of the basket nozzle. To provide reward food to dogs undergoing fear and aggression training, a perforated basket mouthpiece is recommended.

Some dog owners cut the front of the mouthpiece and drill a hole where the dog can smell better and eat prize food. If you decide to cut yourself, make sure that you do not leave any sharp parts where you will damage your dog.


Baskerville Mouthpiece


This model is very similar to the basket nozzle; only the sides are wider. There is also a different tying style to prevent the dog from removing the mouthpiece on its own. There is also a space on the front where you can put a prize in your mouth.


The name of the mouthpiece is from the first brand to launch this model. Baskerville mouthpieces are more expensive than others, but are designed with the needs of dogs in mind. The most widely used muzzle model for trained dogs.


Halti Mouthpiece


This mouthpiece is named after the selling brand. Haltis are actually leashes, not mouthpieces, but they also extend towards the face; a fabric strap is attached to the dog around the mouth and leash. They are very similar to the structure of the halter attached to horses and donkeys.


You cannot use this model as a mouthpiece because it has no feature to prevent them from bite. It was designed and put on the market to prevent dogs from pulling their leashes, but most dogs are able to drag their owners while using Halti. In addition, this model is not among the mouthpieces we recommend because it causes pain in the neck, back, and back of the dogs [194590014].


Special Mouthpieces


Some dogs cannot wear normal mouthpieces because of their skull and nose structures. Short-nosed breeds such as Bulldog, Pug and Boxer are among these dogs. You can find custom made mouthpieces for such dogs. In general, basket mouthpieces are produced wider and shorter and adapted to these dogs.


This type of dog should not wear fabric mouthpieces because they may have trouble breathing.


Other Mouthpiece Types


There are many different types of mouthpieces available on the market. There are also mouthpieces on the basis of baskets or fabric nozzles, but with other features. There is a duckbill-like mouthpiece that is worn like a cloth muzzle and you can find barbed leather and metal mouthpieces designed to scare away foreigners.


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If your dog needs to wear a muzzle, he must first understand that it is not a punishment. If you have fun activities while holding a mouthpiece in your hand or wearing your dog, it does not match the mouthpiece with bad emotions. If your dog is a aggressive , you can talk to a dog trainer and take other steps to avoid the problem. Mouthpieces are not things that dogs love or feel comfortable wearing. For this reason, no dog should be preferred unless they have to.









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