Dog Psychology: What You Need to Know


You will understand how your dog thinks without taking your dog to a psychologist. Dog psychology will also facilitate the training of your dog. Read on for more.


First, remember that the ancestors of dogs are wolves. So prefer to live under a certain hierarchy as a herd. So he expects his owner to be alpha male or beta female, superior to them and commanding.


When this does not happen, that is when the dog exceeds the limit, his behavior becomes unstable. At this time, many behavioral problems and even nervousness may occur.


When you understand dog psychology, you understand why it is important to determine some principles that your dog cannot change. In order to achieve this, you must not engage in human thoughts or psychology. Therefore, it is not a good idea to consider your dog as a child or a baby.


When your dog is a puppy or new to your home, you should start using dog psychology. In both cases, your dog will see you as herd leader or parent and take refuge in you.


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This is a critical period in the animal’s life. If you do not train as alpha male or beta female , your dog may develop behavioral problems in the future.


In order to listen to your commands you need to add discipline to your love. So don’t worry if you find that you don’t always obey 100%. However, if it does not take you into account, you may need to get an expert help because you probably don’t understand the psychology or needs of the animal, so you can’t be a good “teacher..

 Methods related to dog psychology

If a dog is trained according to the principles, they will behave properly throughout their lives. However, it is not too late to “transform“ it into an animal that recognizes your authority. You can take a look at these tips so you can live with your pet smoothly:


1. Do not let it be dominant


When the kitten first comes home and plays, he will probably want to jump on you. Do not allow this because it will be your indicator of superiority. If they want to climb on you, embrace them and lay them on their back . In this way, you will show him who is the boss.


2. Let him play with his toys only


Dogs can çal prank ” when the dogs are bored. However, this is another indicator of dominance . So don’t let that happen. Give him his toys and punish him for stealing something that doesn’t belong to him.


3. Give reward when they deserve


You must not be stone hearted against your dog. You must show your love, but not exaggerate your love, kissing and reward. Teach him to win prizes. Therefore it is more accurate to reward him only when he obeys an order .


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 4. Socialize for the development of dog psychology

Another factor in dog psychology is that the social dog is healthy. Keeping in touch with other animals at home or outside is essential to the emotional health of dogs.


Dogs need friendship. Note that the missing socialized dogs are more rebellious and have behavioral problems .


You should spend quality time with your dog . Play with him for a few minutes a day, feed him and gradually strengthen the bond between you. This will improve your dog’s behavior.









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