Dogs Command Training: What Can You Teach?


The intelligence of dogs is convenient for learning many tasks and command . If you work patiently and regularly, they will be able to do what you teach without hesitation. Of course, you can accelerate learning by using the positive reinforcement method during command training.


Do not try to teach your dog by frightening any command . Dogs are human beings’ best friends, and they certainly do not deserve such treatment.


Everyone loves his dog to learn new things and show his intelligence. Dogs can learn many commands after a simple training. If you want to train your dog, we have compiled the entry level commands for you.


5 commands for starting


If you have decided to give command training to your dog, you should start with simple obedience commands . In the future, the training of all dogs begins, whether it will be a guide dog for the disabled, , whether it will be a police dog or sitting at home.


Obedience commands are common commands that everyone knows; sit, lie, come, grab… These commands are the basis of the dog’s training and prepare your dog for more complex commands.


1. Collecting your toys


Your dog likes to play with his toys . Well, would you like her to pack her toys? This command is a good start for more advanced commands and will be very useful to your dog . In this way, your dog will not only help you with the chores, but also keep things clean.


topla oynayan köpek


2. Turning the Lights Off


When a dog gets up with his furry paw and turns off the light, it may sound like a scene from the movies, but in fact it is not impossible with a brief training. There is no obstacle for your dog to learn how to turn the light on and off as long as it is full .


3. Bringing Your Slippers


Wouldn’t it be great if your dog brought you slippers when you came home from work after a busy day? After a short training, your dog can learn to perform this command.


During this time, he will have fun while as well as improve his intelligence. All dogs can learn this command, only you need to be stable enough.


4. Closing the door


If you have a dog going out and coming back home, it will be very useful if he learns to close the door while you are away. Depending on the size of your dog, you can teach him to close the door with a paw or head. How? Usually patiently and positively using reinforcement.


5. Disposing of your clothes in pollution


Training your dog to collect his toys before training this command will make your job easier. A dog who knows how to collect his toys can easily adapt this training to his dirty clothes .


Recommendations for command training




When training your dog it is extremely important that you be organized and stable. You must be very patient to fully internalize the commands. If you do not have enough time to train your dog, you can also get help from a professional dog trainer.


alman çoban köpeği eğitimde

 How long should education last

When teaching simple obedience commands, simply run it for 10 to 20 minutes each day. For more complex commands, you need 30 to 40 minutes of your day. Be careful not to tire your dog too much. If education becomes suffocating, it is distracted, and this affects the process negatively.


How to train


You must teach your dog the commands one by one. You can only be sure that it really internalizes the commands. In general, it is ideal to spend 3 to 10 days for each command .


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The time it takes to learn any command depends on your dog and your determination. Some dog species have proven to learn commands faster. For example, Border Collie can learn a new command every day with proper training.

 Use positive reinforcement


In this training method you must reward the right behavior. So your dog will be more eager to learn new things. When your dog does what you want him to do, it is very important that you praise and reward him.


Positive reinforcement is the most effective training method. It will also increase the dog’s learning capacity and self-confidence. Reward immediately after correct behavior so that it can establish the connection between behavior and reward. Award the prize as soon as you execute the command.


Find the right place


Especially for puppies it is very important that you find a quiet place away from the distractions . Try to find a corner away from all the interesting smells of other dogs, including noise, music or the smell of food in particular.


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Repeat the old commands


Repeat all the commands he learned once or twice a week otherwise your dog may forget or confuse old commands. Regular repetition is very important to remember.









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