Dogs Help Children to Learn


motor skills We have mentioned several times the benefits of having a dog in a house with children. Only with attitude and love, they can teach your children good things. These fantastic lessons will stay with your kids for the rest of their lives. Read on to understand how dogs help children learn.

 Proof that dogs help children learn

Several animal associations held a conference. Among them was the Autism Spectrum Labrador Society . In this activity, they showed different disobedience, defense and agility exercises. This took place along with other physical exercises suitable to show how capable these animals were.


köpekler çocuklara öğretebilir


Photographer: Keneth Cruz


According to Amelia Suárez, who works with the Autism Spectrum Association, etkileşim interacting with a dog allows children to learn much faster and activates motor skills


Experience emphasizes the use of dogs in the treatment. The Autism Spectrum Association has worked for many years with major centers and schools. They saw the benefits of working with dogs.


The competition took place at the Magdalena Auditorium in Avilés, Spain. You could see children had lots of toys around, but they didn’t know what to do until a dog came.


For example, you see children with circles Hulahup . They took them and looked at them. But when a dog arrived, the child quickly raised Hulahup to pass through the dog. Suddenly, children began to look for toys to play with the dogs.


In a brief presentation, they showed that having a dog makes a child’s mind more flexible. It also strengthens your senses and accelerates learning.


Learning a child: Emotions


In addition to providing flexibility to a child’s learning skills, having a dog is very useful for children. There are some health benefits. Studies have shown that children with dogs are less likely to have asthma. They are also exposed to more bacteria and other external agents. Because dogs bring them in.


Having a dog strengthens the child’s immune system and protects them from disease or infection; this is an easier way to protect them from disease.


On top of that, pets teach children great life lessons that make them better people. Take a look at the list below. But we are sure that if you have a child and a dog, you can add to this list:


köpek ve çocuk dost



  • Responsibility. From the time a dog comes to your home, your child learns that the dog is attached to it. The child must feed him, give him water and go for a walk with him. In addition, dogs need your love. You also need to clean them among other things and wash them when necessary. If you want your child to participate in these processes at an early age, they will be responsible.

  • Unconditional love. There are different times when we see ourselves better. Some may reject others thinking that they are better than them. Your child will love it, whether the dog is a hairy creature, whether it smells differently or behaves differently. This would be a good lesson for them to learn: they must love others as they are.

  • Empathy. Dogs are naturally empathetic. They say that we learned with examples. So, when your child sees the good things your pet does, he wants to imitate them . Just as your pet is empathetic with other people, so will your child. It is possible to realize a gradual process that you will not be aware of.

  • Respect. Your child will learn that this new family member cannot express himself orally. Instead of talking, they use gestures and demeanor. They will always say what they want and what they need. Sometimes your pet will need their own space. Even if your child wants to play, he will respect it. This will be a wonderful lesson that he will remember throughout his life and will make him more respectful to others.


So, having a dog can be very useful, especially if you have a child at home a If you already have a dog, make sure your child plays with it as much as possible. If you don’t have a dog, what are you waiting for? You will not regret.









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