Don't treat your dog as if you were human!


If you really love your furry friend as much as you say, you can start by respecting its nature. As My Animals, we say once more: ın Don’t treat your animal as if it were human! ”


Treating animals as human beings is another form of animal persecution


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Many people think of no one but and it is very difficult for these people to understand that what is good for them is not good for animal friends.


Moreover, these people to treat animals as human beings really feel good for their furry friends. However, this behavior is very harmful to them and may even cause physical and behavioral problems.


And even worse, these animal owners don’t understand how to always give them the best, that is, to spoil them.


As My Animals, we beg you, please do not treat your animals as if they were human. If you want to live a happy and healthy life with your furry friend, the best thing you can do to yourself and your little friend is to respect his nature.


One of the problems today is treating animals as human beings


We know how difficult it is to live in this virtual age where people’s communication with peers is gradually diminishing.


Loneliness and lack of communication affect people greatly, especially in large cities, and people try to fill this gap with their animals, but there is a huge gap between the two.


Dogs, cats and other pets are loving companions for us, but they are certainly not human beings and these two should never be confused. Each species must respect its own characteristics. If we don’t respect that, we can harm both ourselves and the animals.


If you really love your furry friend, don’t do that to him


A few wrong behaviors:



  • Giving people food from the food

  • Sitting on the dining table

  • Dressed in costumes or outfits designed for them and wearing the latest model accessories
  •  Celebrating birthdays with balloons, cake and even candles

  • Dressing the tuxedo and the veil and giving them weddings
  •  Treat them as little children or even babies


Consequences of treating our animal friends as human beings


Behavioral or physical problems soon arise in an animal treated like a human being. For example:



  • Obesity and other nutritional disorders
  •  Aggression
     Breaking furniture or other goods

  • Toilets everywhere

  • Continuous barking

  • Demonstrating stereotyped behaviors such as trying to catch his tail, licking constantly, harming himself


Benefits of not treating animals as human


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There are many ways to have a good time with your furry friends. They are magnificent beings who want to give us all their love in the unrequited way. The best way to repay all the love they give us is to treat them with respect and care for them in the best way.


We can make animals happy and healthy by simply letting them be themselves. We should also remember that we must live in this world with our peers.


Taking your dog for a walk in the park or taking it to the vet will be a great opportunity to stimulate your social life. You will see that it works when you try.


Establishing healthy communication with your pet


Pay attention to how you take care of your dog. Please don’t treat your dog like a human. Respect his nature and do the following.



  • Give the right food according to its genus, size, age and specific characteristics.

  • Improve his intelligence by playing with him.

  • Find a physical activity that suits him.

  • Allow him to explore the surroundings, smell litter and other animals’ tail, dig, dig, bark, meow, and chase leaves and butterflies.









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