Feeding Birds the Right Way


It is possible to find a wounded bird while walking in a countryside, even on the edge of the city. Even if you hesitate to touch it at first, you can help and give the injured bird a chance to live.


If the injured bird is a large and predatory species, it is best to call an expert. However, you can provide first aid, food and a warm environment for pigeons and little birds.


Of course, these emergency procedures do not replace a veterinarian. For this reason, it is important that you take the bird to a vet to check your health. In addition, we would like to offer you some tips on feeding birds and giving them water correctly.


Why is it important to feed a wounded bird?


When we come across a wounded, injured bird, we don’t know how long he’s been in this situation. In some cases, the bird may be injured and have been unable to move and fly for several hours or several days.


Besides the pain and fear he feels, the bird may not have eaten or drunk water for a long time. And as a result, his body may be weakened and vulnerable to illness. So, first, you want to prevent him from being dehydrated and without food.


The bird will probably not want to eat anything when it is first rescued or as soon as you bring it home. This is extremely normal, as this animal has had quite a few moments before.


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Therefore, you must not force the bird to give food against his will. But it is also important to make him eat over time, so that he regains his lost power and recovers and heals successfully.


Feeding birds in the right way


One thing to note is that the bird is a wild animal and is not accustomed to living with humans. You can’t expect the bird to feel safe and comfortable with you.


In the first few days, the bird will often be scared and will not approach you. Keep in mind that animals do not trust foreigners in nature, so that they can survive.


In order to look at it correctly and adequately, you must be very careful, gentle and patient while feeding. Do not make sudden movements or make loud noises. You should also approach the animal slowly and gently.


The first foods should be given in small amounts and frequently


Since food has not been in the bird’s stomach for a while, the amount of the first food given should be very small. If the bird has not eaten for a long time, if he eats a lot of food, he will probably vomit or have digestive problems.


To ensure that the bird is getting enough food, give these small portions several times a day. When the first week is fed four or five times a day, your little bird will get enough food to strengthen his body.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to feed it is to use a syringe. A medium-sized syringe is available from the pharmacy where you can put mush for the bird .


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How to make porridge to feed birds?


If you find a young or injured bird, the best way to make feeding easier is to give him mash. Hard food can be difficult to digest and cause more effort to eat. In addition, usually increases bird’s appetite due to a creamy, warm porridge smell and consistency.


In some pet shops and veterinary clinics, you can find food in the form of mush for pigeons and different bird species. A good thing about these foods is that they are prepared in a nutritionally balanced ratio and thus allow the bird to grow and regain its health and strength.


You can make nutritious porridge at home from sprouted seeds, vegetables, boiled eggs and even fruit. A homemade mash can be prepared by mixing boiled rice or couscous, carrots and boiled eggs.


With patience and love you will see the bird become accustomed to your being and you will begin to feed it more easily. Over time, the bird will eat hard food on its own.


Let us remind you once more; It is important that a qualified veterinarian check the health of the bird. A professional person will prepare an adequate and balanced diet for your new pet.









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