Feeding Your Dog Broccoli


All animal lovers want to provide the best opportunities for their animals. But sometimes we may have doubts about what our dogs should eat or not. It will be useful to know that our animals, like broccoli, can consume the food we eat . If you want to know what foods you need to give to keep your dog healthy, continue reading our article.


Should the dogs be given broccoli or not?


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You can make your dog have a more natural diet without having to be a vegetarian. Vegetables are beneficial to humans, but remember that not all vegetables are beneficial to dogs.


However, if the broccoli is at stake, you should have no doubt that it is a nutritious and suitable food for everyone at home, including your dog. You can mix broccoli with your dog’s food or give it as reward food. Broccoli A, C and K vitamins as well as fiber and manganese is a very healthy vegetable.


Broccoli to your dog not raw, you need to give cooking. You can cook in steam or boil if you want. Although highly beneficial, feeding your dog too much broccoli can cause gas and abdominal pain.


All members of the crucifer family, including cabbage, Brussels sprouts and black cabbage, contain phytochemicals that prevent certain diseases in dogs.


These vegetables have proved to be anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging properties. Mixing your dog’s food with cruciferous vegetables, albeit in small amounts, is good for stomach and bladder health.


Are there any other vegetables I can give to my dog?


People who care about the healthy diet of their dogs often ask this question to veterinarians. There is no harm in consuming some vegetables in dogs, but there are some vegetables that may be harmful . The vegetables that dogs can eat except for broccoli are:




You can mix carrots with your dog’s food by cutting or grating slices. It may also be a good idea to give it in a big piece as a reward. Carrot contains a high amount of vitamin A, antioxidant and carotene . These substances help protect your dog from mold diseases. According to some experts, it also improves the vision of your carrot dog. When you want to reward your dog, they can be used as a healthy alternative to cookies or reward foods from stores.


sebze yiyen köpek


Asparagus; It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E and K and folic acid, fiber, iron, manganese and potassium. After boiling, you can cut it into small pieces and mix it into your dog’s food. It is also possible to fry and give it as reward food.




There is nothing wrong with dogs eating cucumbers, some even love cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers a little bit and drain the water for bitter taste. Cucumber has many benefits for dogs. For example, is good for the intestines , provides vitamin B and C, and lowers blood pressure with potassium contained.




Due to its rich nutrient content, spinach is a very useful vegetable for your dog. Boil the spinach with plenty of iron, calcium and beta-carotene and cut it into small pieces and add it to your dog’s food . It is ideal to give to puppies since it is good for bone health and accelerates its growth.




This orange vegetable contains many important nutrients, especially carotene. If your dog is suffering from constipation, feeding pumpkins will help. You can boil the pumpkin or cook it in the pan. It is possible to give it as puree or in pieces.




If your dog has bone problems, arthritis or osteoarthritis, thinly sliced ​​celery slices are the same for him. Celery with rich potassium and fiber content is an excellent diuretic for excretory system and kidney health.









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