First Days of the Puppy at Home


The first days of a puppy in the house can mean a huge change . Suddenly, an animal who still has a baby and is waiting for help comes home. So make this time easy for yourself, as you are prepared in advance.


Preparation for the puppy’s arrival


Make sure you have everything you need before your puppy comes home. The whole family must decide who will be assigned which tasks. For example, cleaning, giving food and water, taking it to the vet and taking him for a walk when he can go out.


You should also find a place to own your puppy. This must be a place to sleep, toilets, and to eat. Even if your puppy is still very young, this is a good time to get used to a routine that is especially suitable for you.


You also need to make your home safe for pets by eliminating things that your puppy can hit or gnaw on . Cover dangerous places with a fence before your puppy comes home , so you will adapt to your surroundings much faster and avoid any accidents or unexpected situations.


yavru köpeğin eğitimi


As the puppy grows, you can put some items back in their original place and set new rules. Remember, the puppy’s early days at home are a big change for everyone, and it is always better to be cautious than to be upset .

 Make a Health Plan

Even if you have a healthy puppy, it is important to be prepared for the worst. A health plan begins by choosing the right vet for your puppy. Record the number of another veterinarian you can call at any time in case something bad happens.


Talk to your veterinarian on the vaccination schedule and get your report card before or after your puppy arrives. Ask your puppy to record the breed or whether it is breached, in case of any genetic disease.


When your puppy arrives, take him to the vet for medical records, initial check-ups and internal parasites. If your puppy becomes ill or needs a checkup, you will already know your veterinarian and trust him. If you think you’ve made the wrong choice, you will also have time to choose a better veterinarian.


ideal veterineri bulmak

 Development and Socialization

Puppies are usually 7-9 weeks old when they come to their new home. They are in a stage known as socialization. This is a period of development in which puppies are curious and move fearlessly to discover everything new.


But socialization is something you don’t have to rush into. Your puppy wants to learn new things, but he can start to overwhelm. When you want to show him something new, remember:



  • New stimulants must come in stages and should never emerge all at the same time. Loud music, for example: Start with a quiet song at low volume and move forward.

  • If you don’t like what’s going on, give your dog the option to go.

  • Take your time to show new things: Be patient and let it go at your own pace .


cins köpek yavruları


The socialization phase is the perfect time for a puppy to meet people and animals. Introduce your puppy to the elderly, children, bearded people, tall people, cats, rabbits, hamsters and turtles. Everything a puppy learns before three months of age will become a habit throughout his life.


If you cannot benefit from this period for some reason do not worry. Your puppy will be able to learn new things throughout his life. All you need is a little patience.


The First Days of a Puppy at Home: Don’t be strict


Most people often treat dogs as rigid even when they are puppies . During the first days of a puppy’s home, the owners forget other things by focusing too much on orders and discipline.


Rules may change at any time. If it behaves badly or makes a mistake, you can always leave it to the future. When a dog is very young, it is more important to make him feel loved and safe, rather than preventing him from bouncing on the seat. Orders are things you can postpone in life.


yavru köpeğin evdeki ilk günleri


For example, puppies learn to be on their own later in life . There is no problem sleeping in your room for a while so that he can sleep better by feeling safe. There will also be as puppies get toilet training and learn to jump into the seat.


During the first days of the puppy’s house it is easy to get carried away while giving them discipline. But this can make you forget what really matters: Safety, health and avoiding accidents. Before you start making rules and giving orders, stop for a while and enjoy spending time with this sweet and sensitive age.









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