Footed Food Containers: Good or Bad?


When you own a dog and take it home, one of the first things you wonder is whether you should use footed food containers or normal food containers.


Today, we will answer this question for you.

 Advantages of Using Footed Food Containers

Experts support the use of free-standing food containers for many reasons:




When dogs drink or eat, they raise their heads to swallow what is in their mouth.


So when you put your dog’s food bowl on the floor, food and especially water will fall from the mouth to the floor.


Water poured from the food bowl to the ground, bacteria and molds also provides a perfect environment to remember.


Inflammation of the joints


Food containers lying on the ground can cause difficulties for dogs with back problems or muscle contraction . It can be painful for dogs to bend and eat.


If the dog is old or sick, he may experience loss of appetite because he has difficulty eating. Foot food containers can help to eat more comfortably.


Megaesophagus (esophageal dilatation)


This disease causes the esophagus to grow and sag.


The food that should go directly to their stomach remains “stuck a in this esophagus.


Therefore, footed food containers help to swallow food more easily.


Shopping for Footed Food Containers


There are many types of footed food containers. On the one hand, you should consider your dog’s size and physical characteristics .


On the other hand, you should consider the size of your room, the free space, the material of the food bowl, and other things.


We will propose a simple step for this: large dogs need large food containers and small dogs need small food containers.


In order to choose the footed food container suitable for your dog, the first thing you should do is to measure your dog’s height .


So what will you refer to?


Measure the top of your dog’s shoulder height and measure accordingly.


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Different Footed Food Containers For Dogs


Small Deep Food Container


Such food containers are suitable for both puppies and short-nosed dogs .


The small depth of the container allows dogs to reach food more easily, preventing tension in their throats.


Deep Food Container


Deep food containers are designed for dogs with long noses.


If you use a deeper and footed food bowl, your dog will have a more comfortable meal, as the mouth and nose will be open.


Slow Eat Food Container


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Food container manufacturers have also designed a food container for fast-eating dogs .


These containers contain compartments that make it difficult for the dog to reach food. Thus, the dog has to slow down while eating and struggle to get the food.


The main advantage of such food containers is that they allow dogs to better digest food.


These containers are generally made from one side high and one side non-slip.


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Automatic Food Container


Domestic animals also benefit from the rapid development of technology. The main purpose of the automatic food bowl is that you can adjust your dog’s meal time .


In this way, even when you are not at home, your dog can consume food at a preset time and amount.


Different Food Container Ingredients


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The best material for water and food containers is stainless steel . This stainless material prevents the spread of harmful particles.


In terms of cleanliness, you can wash stainless steel again and again.


Except for some water stains and slight scratches, the food bowl does not wear out easily.


Consulting an Expert


You can find a lot of information about food containers on the Internet, but the best method is to contact a vet.


Taking into consideration the physical characteristics of your dog and possible health problems now or in the future, will suggest the best food for your dog.


Please note that some dogs are allergic to the contents of some food containers!









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